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Thread: Spiritus Mundi extraction from various species.

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    Spiritus Mundi extraction from various species.

    I believe I have found a way to collect, SM rich moisture, from the various species of life that exist on our planet.

    When we pick a flower, collect dew, take fresh sea salt, kill a bird, or any other life form... and we place them straight into the alembic, an interesting process occurs, namely, sweating.

    a certain, small percentage, of the moisture from each life form will leave the body; lets call it, "Radical Humidity"

    Even freshly collected rain water, when placed into the alembic, will yeild a few milliliters of water that is willing to evaporate without any external force.

    Animals have the highest levels of this type of moisture; a jar full of ants is a great example of the extensive humidity caused by life.

    It is my belief that this persperation, is one type of philosophical dew. It is my belief that when distilled, and then putrified, this type of moisture, being filled with Fire, will yeild high levels of gur. This gur can be used as the prima materia

    When this moisture is then used again, to circulate on the gurr, it is then able to conjoin and radically transform the gurr, over time, and exhibits the transformational colours we are used to comprehending.

    When putrified, SM will take on a physical body. A virgin earth of sorts.

    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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    Very nice. That sounds like some helpful advice. I tried a search online for gur but I just got a bunch of food photos. Have you ever tried to catch a full jar of ants? I guess it would be easier if they were dead, otherwise it might take awhile. Thank you Elixirmixer.
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