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Thread: Introducing - me!

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    Introducing - me!

    Well lets start with my background I was born in 84, raised in your typical western American Christian family. I grew up in church because my mom was the pianist for the church choir. I suffered from asthma and had some pretty serious attacks when I was young that put me pretty close to suffocating before finding my inhaler.

    I was lucky enough to meet a Tai Chi and Chi Kung instructor at 14 who taught for free or donation at a local park under the "Bodhi Tree" I learned me some amazing breathing exercise and kung fu that helped kick my asthma for good and get me fit and strong and healthy as well.

    I didn't go to high school I was home schooled so for the next 4 to 5 years of my life I was totally obsessed with Chi Kung. My dad gave my teacher a job so I began to spend an incredible amount of time around and with my teacher soaking up his knowledge. I learned the real secrets of our art (the Nei Dan and Wai Dan internal and external alchemy) and spent those years teaching in the Santa Barbara/Ohai and Santa Maria areas of California delving deep into books like the Bhagavad gita my teacher was a 70's acid and mushroom guy who said he learned from Sai Baba and Sri Prabhupada.

    So Tai Chi took on an entire new level. I learned about the bodies shape and how it corresponds to a vessel or sealed vase. My teacher said a lot of the lessons he shared was because he was half Hawaiian and smoking a bowl of cannabis before class and sharing the old lessons he learned from the Shaolin Temple was just who he was and he didn't like the Chinese way of keeping secrets from Americans.

    He always hinted at taking me up into the mountains to take some mushrooms with him but we never got the chance as he moved and I moved on to professional fighting and high performance athleticism. But I inherited the martial arts school and taught for another 12 years or so before giving up trying to teach others. I have made lifelong friends and students who still call but after having a wife and child I have little time for students who are only after the superficial level of Tai Chi and Chinese martial arts in general.

    I have experienced some wild things in meditation and its completely changed my worldview. My Mom god rest her soul died when I was 21, she was the glue to my family and after she passed our family relationships quickly dissolved. I couldn't keep my Kung Fu school together anymore. I was slaving away in construction doing laminated flooring going through an extreme period of mourning and depression (couldn't get out of bed or off the floor sometimes for 12h 18h periods) where I felt my life essence was draining from my body.

    So I moved to Hawaii to help a friend who was on the rocks. One day during a period of meditation I had the feeling of complete stillness of my soul. I felt a distant pain (some nasty Hawaii spider was biting my leg) but suddenly a feeling of sucking in the top of my head and a whooshing literally felt like my soul re entered my body. I have no other way of describing it. No more depression. Hawaii was awesome and my life came back to balance. So I spent the next few years learning about Shamanism, Dmt, Ayahuasca and all the literature I could get my hands on regarding Soul Retrieval in Shamanism.

    Now my days are filled with reading and contemplation as well as microdosing and deep meditation. I hope I can share some "secrets" of internal alchemy I have learned from some of the best! I promise not to be preachy as I am well aware the more I learn the less I know. That is why I go by the name white belt. It is a constant reminder that I should stay humble no matter how much I learn.

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    Welcome, White Belt! We are happy that you joined us

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    Hi! Welcome to the group.

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    Good to have you on the forum!
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    White Belt, glad you're on this forum. Thanks for the intro and look forward to your posts on here.

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    White Belt, welcome on this forum is very interestig your introduction welcome

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    Thanks for all the warm welcomes!!

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    This is amazing... I'm new as well but welcome man!

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