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Thread: Halchymia

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    Anyone heard about the practice of throwing salt behind your shoulder when a mirror broke to avoid seven years of bad luck? Or the tradition of bringing salt and bread to the party of a new built house?

    Another interesting way of word origin is:

    ἅλς(greek) = háls

    First of all interestingly the hals (german; in english "neck") is holding one of the most important body parts where the brain and (most of our) conciousness is located.

    A lot of german towns have the word "Hall" in their names like "Schwäbisch Hall" or "Halle" and in all of them salt was mined.

    Maybe it has something to do with the name Manly P. Hall as well.

    Nevertheless you can go from Hall to Sal(t) to Halas, Hilas, Hilos to Helios which mean "sun".

    In hebrew it's Malach which means "fire" or "sharp, fiery and liquid substance".

    It's also in interesting biblical words like JeruSALem and Salomon. The latter is accociated/derived with/to "S(ch)alom" which means "peace".

    Nowadays the names Friedrich, Fritz, Frederic, Fred or Freddy (I'd be interested in other language's names of the same origin. If you know some in French, Italian, aso, please post them) originate from this meaning of "peace" and "salt".

    Maybe you want to consider this when your next baby boy is on his way and you need a cool alchemy related name with a lot of meaning that almost no one will know about it's origin.

    Oh, and don't confuse Halchymia with this:

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    We also derive the word Salary from back when Rome was paying salaries in salt.

    Salute' in Italian is hello and literally means 'Good Salt' aka, that a man was a pillar of salt.

    Santos Bonci does an incredible series on the internet about the 12 cell salts of the body; and how the bible is interpreted biochemically.
    Good bye most of humanity.

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    I would love to hear peoples opinions/solutions to the pressure build up problem while circulating.

    I don't have a pelican but I made a rigid insulation box with a light(around 25 watts) to heat one circular flask and ran a glass adapter out of the box to connect to the other circular flask which is not heated to help with the cooling.


    My understanding is one of Starkey's ideas is to expose the potassium carbonate and spirit of turpentine to the air for a few months to complete this "tincture"? I have not tried this.

    I was looking at the Starkey process that you are describing the other day and one of his methods is very similar to golden chain in terms of making a "quintessence" of a salt,acidum and a volatile. Then as starkey mentions you use the quintessence with the powdered plant to make a "tincture".

    From Golden Chain

    I found this chapter does a good job of explaining the challenges/solutions to volatizing salts.

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    I agree that exposing the salts to the air will benefit the medicine. Oxadized turpentine seems (based on my research) to have additional health benefits. I will most likely circulate everything without air first. and then after it (hopefully) volatizes, expose it to the night air under full moon.

    Thanks for your input Catmandu.
    Good bye most of humanity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    I just wanted to ask; has anybody here actually made the Volatized Salts of Tartar and actually eatten some to decide whether the healing effects are accurate or not?

    I know a lot of people in this forum have made them and im sure they have tried them out on themselves but I can't anywhere find a modern testimony of their effects.

    Elixir-Mixer is once again working in the lab and this is my first point of call.

    Step 1: Wait for pelican to FINALLY arrive along with some store bought potassium carbonate and turpentine oil.

    (in the past i believe my failures have been because of not having my carbonate pure enough so i thought i would avoid repeated issues and just buy the stuff clean.)

    Step 2: Place 40grams of potassium cabonate into the flask, heat to 50degsC.

    Step 3: Slowly add 100mls of turpentine, and allow this to gentle raise up to 50degsC.

    Step 4: When the entire vessel is nice and warm, throw in essential oil of choice, based on medicinal effects, in this case we may use a blend of whats around such as eucalyptus, tea tree, sage and orange peel.

    Step 5: As soon as the EO has been added, the pelican is sealed and the temperature is dropped down to 37degsC. The reason that the apparatus is heated and then cooled a little is to minimise the chance of pressure build up inside the flask. Pelicans are expensive. I would love to hear peoples opinions/solutions to the pressure build up problem while circulating.

    This shall be left in the dark to do its thing slowly; for as long as it takes. (Could be a month, could be 3).

    Its been said that these salts are somewhat like soap for the blood, and being an ex-cigarette smoker, I could do with some bloody good soap.
    Hi to all,

    E.M., about the problem of pressure build up during circulations, what i find an illumination and a royal solution ((strictly personal opinion, for me this works)) is to:

    Add on top of pellican (if you have an NS stopper) one refrigerator (could be a long vigreux or any water-cooled condensor, which latter i use) and on the super top NS joint no glass stopper but a simple rubber balloon, which either if there is pressure rise or sinking simply and wonderfully elasticly blows up or down, so you can rise a bit the heat and go out with serenity.

    About your experiment what did you see? Has it work the Starkey method? I also read in past that he used a charcoal-fixed niter (green potash) to make this kind of soap... I am curious about this if you could answer!

    Question...... what if we mix potash with salmiack or urine salt to sublime?

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