GDPR applies to personal data.

This is any information that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person, and can be in any format. The GDPR regulation places much stronger controls on the processing of special categories of personal data. The inclusion of genetic and biometric data is new.

Basically, if an entity of any sort is collecting and/or using any personal information they/it are responsible for protection of that data from breach and intentionally or non-intentionally giving it away including derivatives or analysis that may give away personal data that can identify a specific individual.

Alchemy Forums DOES NOT collect any data, and has no intent in doing so. We do not keep lists of anything. We do not have an agenda. The only reason to track and collect data is if there is an agenda of some sort (good or bad), which we lack.

If a user registers with real name and real email and location then THAT user can delete or change that information at any point... and nothing was ever collected. It is advisable to register not using "real" information, and that applies to the entire Internet.

GDPR also gives a user the right to be forgotten, and we can delete a users profile however the posts remain... but the post itself will not be connected (if user deleted) to anyone... they (when user deleted) becomes "written by guest". Since the beginning we have forbidden personal information to be posted in a post for above reason, otherwise personal data remains even if user deleted.

In all cases Alchemy Forums aims at being GDPR compliant and our core value is that we are not interested in, nor do we collect, personal data... our focus is the mastery of alchemy in all its forms.