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Thread: Morning Star

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    Morning Star

    A lot of texts suggest to follow a star. Especially the morning star, or the "north" star.

    Interestingly in roman mythology Lucifer, the bringer of light, also called "Demiurg" in some believe systems is a personification of the morning star.

    Etymologically lucifer means "carrier of light".

    Lucifer is the same like the greek Phosphorus, the bringer of the Aurora Consurgens, or the golden dawn. Venus is sometimes called lucifer too, sometimes as lucifer's spouse or lover.

    Those mostly positive connotation of the pre-christian era were adopted by the early christians.
    But the jews identified the morning star as a fallen angel and an enemy of israel.

    From the 4th century on it became a very negative symbol (Satan) in christianity too.

    If we now are told to follow the morning star in alchemy and look at these sources we could assume we're told:

    1) to follow Satan
    2) the bringer of light
    3) the direction "north"
    4) the metal copper
    5) stories about venus (see picture below)

    6) the light
    7) darkness as the opposite of light
    8) ..can be continued
    9) all or some of the above

    As most texts we have access to were written far after the 4th century, it could indeed mean that the neophytes were told to follow the devil in such a coded way (your typical alchemical instruction) the churches won't notice.

    To be fair, most texts I know who speak about the following of this star stem from the Fulcanelli lineage.

    Are we all devil's advocates?
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