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Thread: Ripley's Philosophical Axioms

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    Ripley's Philosophical Axioms

    According to Ripley, our Matter is "One and Three": It is our Microcosm, yet it is also Magnesia, Sulphur, and Mercury.

    He says that there are three Mercuries--which Lully calls Menstruums--but the "Essential Mercury Of The Bodies" is the chief material of our Philosopher's Stone.

    The "Green Lion" is our impure body.

    Our "Second Philosophical Water" (a clear Water) is what allows our principal Menstruum to visibly appear.

    This Menstruum circulated with a pure Spirit creates our "Sulphur Of Nature".

    A "Golden Oil" is extracted from this Sulphur Of Nature.

    Axiom 1. "Calcination", the purgation of our Matter.

    During this Calcination our "Radical Humidity" is multiplied.

    If the "proportion" of our Radical Humidity and Earth are proper, our Matter will perpetually endure in fire.

    Our proportion is said to be correct if we make a "Trinity out of a Unity".

    Axoim 2. "Dissolution", or loosening.

    We are told to "convert the Earth into Water, dissolve that Water into Air, make that Air into Fire, and finally reduce it again into Earth".

    The dissolution of one part of our "Earthly Substance" causes a congealing of another part of our "Spiritual Substance".

    Ripley affirms that every Metal was once a "Mineral Water", and says that every Metal is able to be dissolved into a "Mineral Water" again.

    He states that this can all be accomplished "one well closed vessel".

    During this stage of Dissolution, our heat should be "no hotter than you can endure your naked hand upon".

    Axiom 3. "Disposition", in order to bring our Matter into perfection we are never to move or open our vessel.

    We are instructed to "dry our Earth until it becomes thirsty", then to "divide our Matter into two Parts until the Earth at the bottom becomes blueish-grey".

    Although one part of our Matter is Spiritual/Volatile and the other part is Earthly/Fixed, it ought to all be converted into "One Matter".

    In order to vivify our Matter we need to distill a highly rectified "Water".

    Axiom 4. "Fires", four kinds: Natural Fire, Unnatural Fire, Fire Contrary To Nature, and Elemental Fire.

    The "Natural Fire", which is in every thing, is our Third Menstruum.

    The "Unnatural Fires" aids Putrefaction.

    The "Fire Contrary To Nature", which tears our Matter into pieces, is also called our Fiery Dragon.

    The "Elemental Fire" is heat.

    We are told to "make the Fire within our vessel more powerful than the outward heat" in order to Burn our Matter effectively.

    Axiom 5. "Conjunction", the joining together of things Separated i.e.bringing an equality to Principals.

    The "True Way" is defined as being able to Separate the Elements, Divide them, and Conjoin them again.

    From our Matter we obtain our "Soul" which causes perpetual Conjunction.

    Axiom 6. "Putrefaction", the destruction of the Bodies in such that we are diligent to conserve them.

    Our Matter should be "black like liquid pitch" if we are proceeding correctly.

    After Putrefaction we are presented with "Germination" which produces gas.

    Axiom 7. "Coagulation", the hardening of things i.e. the fixing of the Volatile Spirit.

    When our Matter is brought to "Whiteness" like pearls our Spirit is congealed with our Body, over a very long period of time.

    We are reminded again that this all happens over "temperate heat" and that our Earth must be continually revivified by our Water in order for this Coagulation to be accomplished.

    Ripley asserts that "From Water all things in the world have their first beginning".

    Our "Menstruual Water" is our Fiery Water actuated.

    With this Fiery Water our Matter is "naturally Calcined by Coagulation".

    After the first turn of the Philosopher's Wheel we are told to "again Putrefy" our Matter.

    Axiom 8. "Cibation", the feeding or nourishing of our dry Matter.

    After the third turn of the Philosopher's Wheel our Matter will "melt as wax".

    Axiom 9. "Sublimation", a part of our Matter elevated to the top of our vessel.

    We use Sublimation for three causes: 1) That the Earth be made Spiritual. 2) That the Spiritual be made Earthly. 3) That our Matter be purified and sublimed to the top of our vessel White as Snow.

    Axiom 10. "Fermentation", the incorporation of our Soul with our Body by a natural inpissation.

    Ripley states that "Earth is the ferment of Water and Water is the ferment of Earth".

    Axiom 11. "Exaltation", which differs little from Sublimation.

    Exaltation is accomplished "not by hands" but by a proper Circulation.

    Axiom 12. "Multiplication", which makes an augmentation of our Medicine.

    Ripley eloquently gives an example as "Fire, which being Excited, never dies but always dwells with you, one spark of which is able to make more Fire by the Virtue of Multiplication".

    We are told that "one grain may be multiplied to hundred" if we work wisely.

    Axiom 13. "Projection", which must only be done upon Pure Bodies.

    Axiom 14. "Recapitulation". Black > White > Yellow > Red

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    Hi Schmuldvich,

    have you succeeded in apllying one or more of these axioms in your lab practice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florius Frammel View Post
    Hi Schmuldvich,

    have you succeeded in apllying one or more of these axioms in your lab practice?
    Yes, but I do not have the Philosopher's Stone nor have I accomplished anything worthwhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Yes, but I do not have the Philosopher's Stone nor have I accomplished anything worthwhile.
    One would think having succeeded the applying already is something worthwhile. May I ask what you have done in your lab?

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    Funny typical Schmuldvich manipulations and taking quotes out of context to try to make things fit into his beloved (and naively chimerical) literal "one matter only" belief. Notice how he overlooks such "Philosophical Axioms" of the same "12 Gates" text as "And thus your work must be begun, In figure of the Trinity" (not "unity", like Schmuldvich would wish Ripley had said), which is in fact the same thing this same author says in his "Liber Secretisimus" (i.e. from three starting substances "one" is made, i.e. an artificial composite matter, from which through destructive distillation are then obtained the several substances that compose the Stone.)

    As for the "All in one glass must all this thing be done", he is referring to the "coction" of the Stone, when all the necessary substances to make it have already been prepared and all that is left is to "cook" them in the appropriate proportions into "one thing" (i.e. the Elixir/Stone this time, not the artificial composite matter or "Green Lion" from which these substances were obtained.) Before this, though, the several operations obviously require more than just one vessel, as is logically implied in such passages as these, which talk about the several distillations of the "water" by itself in order to "purify" it from its "feces":

    The water wherewith you may revive the stone,
    Look you distil before you work with it,
    Oftentimes by itself alone,
    And by this sight you shall well know,
    When it is quit from feculent faeces,
    For some men can it with Saturn multiply,
    And other substances which we defy.

    Distil it therefore till it be clean,
    And thin like water as it should be,

    As heaven in colour bright and shine,
    Keeping both figure and ponderosity,
    Therewith did Hermes moisten his tree,
    Within his glass he made it grow upright,

    With flowers coloured beautiful to sight.

    Which obviously cannot be done in one single glass vessel but in distillation apparatuses (viz. alembics/retorts & receivers)

    Conclusion: as always, the "one matter, one vessel, one regimen/fire" axiom is nothing but a booby-trap to make unwary, inexperienced seekers waste their time and money endlessly trying to achieve something that the malicious type of alchemists who invented and promoted this nonsense claim knew perfectly well was impossible.
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    Which obviously cannot be done in one single glass vessel but in distillation apparatuses (viz. alembics/retorts & receivers)
    But he doesn't even want to necessarily work with one vessel. Some time ago he wanted to buy my alembic helmet. Do you have one now, Schmuldvich? If not, there are cheaper/other/easier methods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florius Frammel View Post
    But he doesn't even want to necessarily work with one vessel. Some time ago he wanted to buy my alembic helmet.
    I know, which is funny and amusing too. He is contradicting one of the points of the very (misleading) "axiom" he always tries to endorse!

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