Hi all,

I would like to share my first (true) mineral kingdom project with you all and hopefully get some feedback along the way - please note photos will be attached as I proceed through. I chose to start with the Star Regulus of Antimony because I feel that the knowledge of refining & purifying metals and these processes will be helpful in furthering my work within this kingdom and I feel there are ample instructions from various authors on this subject as to construct a successful enough experiment. I have borrowed the recipes from the following authors -

- Newton
- Lmery
- DuChesne
- Valentine
- Suchten

(If anyone has any further author suggestions please let me know so I can compare them - English or French)

I will follow their recipes as they seem to be somewhat similar. There are two ingredients I will change, the first I will be using Potassium nitrate (Saltpeter) instead of 'burnt tartar' which is sometimes also used with Saltpeter and sometimes just Tartar alone (Valentine). If anyone has experience with using both or either of these substances in the refining please let me know and I may consider it.

Secondly, I have also omitted the 'small iron nails' as some authors suggest and replacing it with iron filings (which some authors suggest using also), primarily because this iron has to be heated up to a high temperature and I feel it will be easier to reach this if the filings are small, and partly because it's not as easy as it sounds to find small truly iron nails. There are lots of steel coated nails around but specific pure iron nails were not easy to find in my area so I opted for the filings instead. I hope it will also create a better star in the end and a finer scoria/feces.

Ingredients -
- 4oz Iron Filings *
- 8oz Stibnite powdered *
- 1oz Saltpetre + additional 1oz spoonfuls during each refining.

* Depending on how much Stibnite I can separate from the matrix (looks like Calcite) I will have to alter the weight but I will keep that ratio as it seems to be the important ratio that all authors use.

Tools -
- 500g crucible (new) (I believe this should be large enough)
- Dumping pot/crucible (for the Regulus)
- MAPP Gas Torch
- Tongs (currently waiting for them)
- Dust mask & goggles (currently waiting for them - safety is important and powdered Stibnite is not human friendly)
- Arm length gloves (to prevent dust adhering to my arms)
- Mortar and Pestle

I plan on doing 5 full refining sessions. Hopefully this will give the star as promised. I found this has been performed by the 'Chymistry of Isaac Newton' website but I am so far not impressed with the pattern of their star, I don't believe its been refined enough or properly as the geometric patterns should line up evenly. I hope I can create something superior.

If anyone else has created the Star Regulus of Antimony here please share your stories, tips, & photos of your results (or link to where it is on this forum as I couldn't find anymore experiences created this through the search).

Please also have some patience. I am waiting on a few things still but I thought I would get this topic going to see what others have to share for feedback. I think I may order some more Stibnite as well, just in case I royally screw up the initial batch. If anyone knows a better source for Stibnite than Ebay please let me know as well! Wish me luck!

~ Auroboros