An interesting development along the lines of Kozyrev and Grebennikov:

The effect of abdominal structures is sometimes rediscovered by various authors. For example, Bogdanov from Bashkiria, fascinated by the idea of ​​rejuvenation, saw in a dream, and created a model of a device that allows you to change the properties of a substance placed in it, fig. 136.

Fig. 136. Capsule of rejuvenation of Bogdanov (in section)

The device consists of a spherical complex of conical emitters located around the central sphere. In fact, these are conical cavitary structures, oriented in such a way that a focusing effect is created in the central part. The model was made of cardboard by Bogdanov, glued with epoxy glue. The diameter of the layout is about 50 cm.

The real device, according to Bogdanov, should have an outer sphere diameter of 30 meters and an inner (empty) sphere diameter of 8 meters, inside which a person can be.

Checking the “form effect” of the Bogdanov’s construction, at one of Moscow’s defense enterprises, showed that inside the layout, in the central part, there is a structuring of the potassium permanganate solution (the crystals are combined into a ball). From the point of view of Kozyrev’s theory, this means a decrease in the magnitude of entropy in the central part of the device, as a result of a change in the “density of time”.

On the other hand, it is obvious that this design relates to the region of resonators of the ether waves (de Broglie matter waves), and allows much to enhance the effect of cavity structures due to focusing - the superposition of standing waves in the central part of the device. It is obvious that the addition of the antinodes of the waves in the center multiplies the effect of changing the density of the ether.

I can add the following to the idea of ​​Bogdanov: the number of elements of such a structure can be anything, but in nature there are certain rules for the structure of objects. The minimum correct volume object is a tetrahedron. A structure with a maximum of equal peaks is called an icosahedron, is built from 20 identical triangles, has 30 edges and 12 vertices. I believe that symmetry matters, for this reason, the arrangement of the elements of the Bogdanov sphere, and their number may be important.