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Thread: Old vs. New Testament

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    Regarding the main topic of this thread:

    Personally, I don't think the three abrahamic religions can be fully divorced from each other or studied separately. To the best of my knowledge, most christians and muslims still follow some variations of mosaic law, which in itself is precluded by the abrahamic "covenant", the one that gets sealed with male genital mutilation. Muslims do it as well. Europeans (for example) don't practice this shit, but for some strange reason, it is still widely practiced in the US, albeit (allegedly) not for religions reasons.

    Interesting question to ponder: When christians say "in god we trust" or "praise god" - which god are they referring to? Is it not the same god as the jewish and the muslim one?

    Another interesting aspect: Judaism has this whole "chosen people" crap going on. We meet this concept again in national-socialist Germany. But it doesn't finish here. It's a powerful tool to fuel strong nationalistic sentiments. Last time I was in Bulgaria, I found out there are "scholars" there who claim to have discovered (via rigorous research, of course) that Bulgaria is actually the true cradle of humanity. Similar narratives are being used in other Eastern European countries as well. Nordic cults have their "Hyperborean" super race. So the jewish chosen/master race concept is by no means exclusive to judaism, at least when looking at our current times.

    We also find a variation of "chosen" within so-called "royal" bloodlines. Apparently, they are justified to rule "by god's grace". Quite a few European countries still have royal "Heads of State". Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Spain, Belgium, Andorra, Luxembourg and of course the UK. The Vatican is in a league of its own. The Canadian prime minister has to swear allegiance to the Queen. One may say they only rule "on paper", but guess what happens when you don't pay, say, property tax in Canada? You get a letter from the British Crown. All this is a microcosmic version of "chosen ones", also based on the abrahamic foundations and possibly even earlier foundations (Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, etc...)

    Another possibly interesting connecting thread: If we go by the 'Electric Universe' cosmology, Saturn was the original Proto-Sun around here. This could be symbolically signified by Judaism having the Sabbath as their "holy" day. According to the same model, our current sun entered the playground later on, and this could signify the transition to changing the holy day to Sunday (in christianity). Venus is also claimed to have emerged in our neighborhood after the new sun came along, so this could be tied to why the muslim holy day is Friday. Or maybe it's all just a big mindfuck
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