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Thread: EM's Breaking Dad Thread

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    EM's Breaking Dad Thread

    I am looking for an elite team of individuals that want to help me do some good in the world.

    I am starting a youTube chanel that is centered around revealing to the public what kind of chemicals are in their foods, water, and most especially, baby products.

    The Channel is titled "Breaking Dad" and has got an awesome rip-off intro scene in the style of the hit tv series Breaking Bad.

    There will be as much CGI special effects as I can manage (I just got $1000 worth of epic software and have been sweating my arse off in the shed watching tutorials all day.)

    Im looking for people with a passion for helping and teaching others, who have I.T. skills to bring to the table.

    This is a volunteer position, requires a decent enough computer to run the software. I can help you out getting your hands on the software if you choose to accept the mission.

    There is an alterior motive. I am going to be sneaky sneaky-ing in Hermetic Chemistry into this film, teaching spagyrics, teaching people how to make their own soaps, shampoos, detergents ect and helping to release them from the grip of the system. While I wont be using the word "alchemy" very often, it IS going to be a show about alchemy under the COOL guiess of just being a science and health warning related YouTube channel. My kids are going to be making some camio appearances and we'll be showing some very basic experiments that parents can do with their kids that can teach them about science from an early age.

    Anyone interested feel free to contact me.
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