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Thread: Is anyone here selling medicine?

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    Is anyone here selling medicine?

    Is there anyone on this website that is making good medicines that they are willing to sell?

    My brother has some super rare, hepatosplenic gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma and we are basically trying everything we can think of to try and save him.

    This cancer is super rare and renouned for relapses; so if anyone has anything that can help with crohns disease and/or cancer, I would love to here about it.

    Thus far we are trying small amounrs of the Volatizeds Salta of Tartar, an alcohol extraction of myrrh, brahmi and oregano, and now im working on a double extraction, both water and alcohol of the reishi mushroom.

    We are also serving the lot in organic red wine. Any assistance would be forever appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear this.

    There has only been one proven way to reduce cancer growth, even cure it, and that’s through diet. The best definition of cancer I’ve read is that it’s a disease of improper metabolism, mainly because of the foods we’ve eaten throughout life. If he starts a whole food, plant-based diet (90%+ fruits, veggies, whole grains), it should work wonders for him.

    Especially helpful are the cruciferous vegetables: Kate, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower. Broccoli has been shown to protect DNA from mutating. Broccoli may also be an interesting matter for a spagyric or alchemical preparation.

    Another thing to consider, the health of the Blood is super relevant to cancer prevention and reversal. Alterative herbs (blood cleaning and blood building) like garlic, burdock, plantain, and chaparral may help.

    There’s a great book by Dr. Greger called “How Not to Die” which I highly recommend he reads, as it covers most of the beneficial research behind plant-based diets. Dr. Greger also has an impressive cancer-related video collection on his website, that your brother might want to watch:

    On an alchemical note, I’ve started likening cancer to extreme putrefaction in the body. If that helps or not, I don’t know.
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