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Thread: Disciplines That Develop Superpowers

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    Aug 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    Maybe it's a genetically programmed fail-safe to prevent premature suicide
    Obviously that doesn't happen so often, otherwise we wouldn't have so many practicioners of OOB/AKE.

    The problems may occur because of a conflict with current cultural standpoints.

    But I don't think the barriers are culturally induced. Therefore I suspect an immanent reason (not a cultural one from outside).

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    US. Missouri.
    Elixer mixer.
    If there is a white Tantra.
    An I'm sure there is a black Tantra.
    Are there any other colors?
    Also I 'll teach you white Tantra.
    No use wanting fame out of it, I'm too lazy to pursue it XP

    As for OOB.
    I first have to master the key that will give elixer mastery in white Tantra. However it should be called red Tantra. Well that's what I teach. haha.
    Anyway after that I will re test my method of stimulating the vagus nerve with breathing via the carotid arteries.
    This results in, when in a conciouse yet slightly altered state such as upon waking but you haven't opened your eyes or moved yet. Or going to sleep but you have not lost consciousness.
    Ugh long winded.
    Anyway when in a trance, you will experience an unsettling amount of pressure rise up you on it's own, it will also buzz like subtle crackling electricity. It reminds me of a jacobs ladder in some ways. Anyway it hits your head and POP goes the weasel. Conciouse and out of the body.
    Often with double consciousness ( feeling your position outside of the body yet still feeling the body). So couple this with focus on sustaining a trance and withdrawing the senses.

    Anyway I'll try and refine the method a few months from now. It is actually next on my list along with practice of focus and withdrawing senses.
    best of luck. < 3
    Formerly known as Avaar186.

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