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Thread: Dark Sun Orgonite Copper Pyramid

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    Dark Sun Orgonite Copper Pyramid

    Here's a design that I was enlightened to build. I have build many orgonite projects before but never one like this. My idea is to build a pyramid where you can sit in to meditate. The pipes are made of copper tubes 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick. The pipes are filled with dark sun orgonite and left to dry while curing at the frequency of the sun 126.22 Hz. You can make it easy to assemble and disassemble if you buy the connector kits from amazon or ebay. For this project you may be looking at around $700 Canadian dollars but it is a well worth the buck investment. If you wish to go even further you can hang an active orgonite wand from the top of the pyramid on the inside while you meditate (that'll pack a wallop of a punch!) but the wand is extra $$$. Sitting inside for 1/2 hr everyday while meditating gives tremendous energy. This is from personal experience. Dark sun orgonite is by far the best kind of orgonite there is in my opinion as I do energy work too and can feel its powers. I have an active wand that I constructed and hook it up to a frequency generator with a 2200 watt amplifier. Every time I need immediate healing I use it pointing at me while meditating and its effects are indeed incredible. It basically acts like an antenna radiating power. Some people have suggested that the power level I use can turn my DNA to linguine, but it is not true. In fact I feel energized and recharged. Maybe because it is not actually 2200 watts going through? The fact is that it works and works very well.

    If you guys want to know more about crystals and pyramids watch les brown video on pyramids. He was the leading authority on the matter. The video is loaded with information and definitely worth watching.

    In another forum dedicated to orgonite this stuff got censored and the member who posted this banned (so I heard) because it is not stuff that is meant for the public to see. Remember that Dr Wilhelm Reich got arrested by the FBI and had his research burnt to rubble. Other parts of it were confiscated for making life changing discoveries in this field that has benefited mankind so much. Makes you wonder what the government is hiding from us huh?

    Oh I forgot to mention that you guys can use this contraption to obtain zero point energy out of this thingamajig. Here is a good video that I found. I know that the zero point energy device does not work in the video. BUT!!! if you stick this doohickey wheel full of magnets under a proportionally large enough dark sun orgonite pyramid like I suggested that is north oriented it should provide zp energy. This can be seen from les brown video on pyramid and crystals. btw you guys only need the wheel part in the video not the other part. The more elaborate you make this pyramid the more power it'll produce. The zp energy is just proof that there's indeed power being produced. This energy can be used for healing as well as electrical energy if you use the zp energy transformer.

    The materials that you use to make orgonite has an impact on the type of energy being produced. Here's a link to a PDF about materials used in the construction of orgonite devices.

    One thing that you guys might want to look into is an amplifier coupled with a frequency generator to use with the wand. Different frequencies have different effects. I personally like to use the solfeggio frequencies. But there are many others that'll work too. If you look on the web you'll find many different resonant frequency charts. The validity of each I cannot vouch for sorry. So that's up to you guys to do your homework on this. But if you stick to the solfeggio frequencies it should make you very healthy. With regards to the power level (watts of audio power) that you feed your wand, I'd start at around 1 or 2 watts and work your way up. I may be doing somewhere around 600 - 1000ish watts, but that's me. What works for me may not necessarily work for you.

    Here is another thought. Dr Wilhelm Reich's box for curing cancer patients. If you use the same materials that he used in the construction of his box to cover the sides of the pyramid (for the love of God leave a breathing gap!). That should augment the pyramid's power exponentially. At this stage we're talking huge raw power!!! It'll really pump out some universe juice!
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