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Thread: Udee loves Input

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    Udee Guest

    Udee loves Input

    My name is Hugh Dee, better known as UDEE in webspace.

    I have a BA in History from University of Maryland and a Master of History in Ancient and Classical History from American Military University. Currently, working on PhD thesis correlating ancient history and quantum theory. Minus the "ancient alien" theories, my thesis is more of a quest to explain things like how very ancient humans such as the builders of Gobeldi Peke may have utilized a knowledge of quantum gravity (currently a subject under serious academic scrutiny) to move super-heavy stones around.

    My knowledge of ancient history is quite extensive but my science, mostly in the domain of physics, is self-thought, so although I may be protective of the first, I am very open on the second. Like the robot in an old movie said to his creator: Input! Input! More input! Basically, I love learning, so I am an obsessive gatherer of information.


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    Welcome to the Forum, Udee!

    Edit: also, apologies for accidentally locking the thread. I got the wrong button again...
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    Hi UDEE I love input also! And of course Johnny 5 too.

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    Welcome aboard Udee. Enjoy the forum.

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