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Thread: Siddhi's

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    The starting point is the realisation the 4 basic elements we experience in the physical universe are empty. They can become phantoms.

    Have you ever been in water so long you forget it's there ?. Held a match for to long distracted and not feel pain until you look ?.
    Held your breath for longer because you were daydreaming underwater.? Got so used to trudging through mud or snow you don't feel it ?.
    Our consciousness defines the elements through our senses. If Fire wasn't hot or water cool, earth heavy or air light to us,
    our consciousness couldn't attribute these characteristics and sensations to the physical world around us.

    Walking through water you'd feel nothing. You couldn't feel wind but you can see it moving leaves.
    The ground has no weight to your touch. There is no sensation of heat or lack of heat.( cold ).

    Touch being malleable and intrinsically linked to the other 4 senses means they are malleable as well.
    If essentially the information from the physical universe this sense relays to us to build a picture of it, can be manipulated then the other 4 senses are subject to the same fallibility.

    I daydreamed for so long i forgot about looking or seeing. I didn't hear anything around me.

    I couldn't taste the fruit because i was distracted, only when i remembered did i experience it's taste.

    I smelt nothing until someone else told me it smells like something i knew. A reference
    The senses can be manipulated so the picture our consciousness builds in order to interact with the physical environment can be manipulated.
    Can the manipulation of the senses and the fundamental picture consciousness creates for us through them, affect how an individual interacts with they're physical environment ?.

    Could you run through water ? lean on the air ? step through earth ? stand in fire ?

    At what point does the conditioning of consciousness through the senses break down, and yield the realisation the way you interact with the physical universe
    can be affected by the manipulation of your physical senses and picture they create for your consciousness ?.

    When there is no mind, no thoughts for the information being relayed to build a picture for your consciousness to interact with.
    When all the information is flooding to your brain but it won't put any of it together, yet you are still conscious. Still aware.

    Siddhi's are abilities of consciousness.
    The attainment of them start with this realisation and the possibilities of how do you now want to use all that information your brain is yet to put together.

    Can my consciousness now change the way my cells process information from the physical environment ?
    Can i determine how and the form ( Visual audio etc ) the massive amounts of information my cells communicate with and to each other is relayed to my consciousness ?
    E.g. Could i read a book by touching it's cover ? see smells ? taste sounds ?.

    The world is yours to put together.
    At this stage there is no concept of observer object observed .Whats not widely taught is that you can achieve this realisation through the 4 elements.
    Use the physical sensations of them in order to forget you are separate from them. If your consciousness cannot distinguish you from the water you are in, are you now the lake ?

    I hope this has been helpful for those truly interested in development of siddhi's.
    If you've experienced any of the 1st set of questions or the 2nd set of statements in italics, you can use your memory of it to help you understand a lot of this.
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