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Thread: Introduction

  1. Introduction

    Dear brothers,

    I feel privileged to have been accepted into this community of modern alchemists.

    My journey with alchemy started just over a year ago now when I first encountered Sendivogius's New Chemical Light. Before then I was always sceptical about alchemy as is to be expected, seeing as alchemy has always been a hidden science which most people rejected as false even in ancient times. Sendivogius's text is really what made me realize there could be something more to alchemy, and the more alchemical texts I read, the more I realized that alchemy is really a true experimental science just like modern physics and chemistry. This really fired my desire to start studying alchemy seriously.

    Fast forward to the present time, I am now at a stage where I have read several alchemical texts and am ready to start learning practical alchemy in order to really understand these texts and the three principles. In my opinion the experimental knowledge of the three principles is really the basis of alchemy, rather than Aristotelian natural philosophy as some people claim. Thus, I feel that practical alchemy will allow me to gain a deeper insight into alchemical texts.

    I hope to benefit from the more advanced users on this forum and contribute what I know in return. When I am more advanced I will also help less advanced users. He who has been saved should help his brothers. I admire modern alchemists such as Jean Dubuis and Rubellus Petrinus for their generosity and hope that we can all share our understanding with each other in this difficult science.

    Kind regards

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    Wow! WTF? I take a look here and the new guy herbigerus joined the group a mere 4 days ago and now he's banned. All I can see is 3 posts from him. Not asking for an explanation just shaking my head. Guess I'm a little late to welcome him to the forum.

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