Thank you Kibric so much for sharing your wonderful experiment. It sounds quite exciting to find a red substance in something simple. Of course, those are always the exciting experiments when you find something amazing from an elegantly simple process.

Then again, I find that these wonderful curios tend to be fickle, especially when one doesn't have a proper working knowledge of the process, that of course is where experimentation comes in, and practice.

I think this is wonderful, and I'll put in a vote now for a sticky. Such a great thread.

I do have one question, and this pertains to the milk. Have you found that store-bought milk works for this process, or does one need to go straight to the cow, so to speak? You didn't mention cream separation specifically, so I wonder if off-the-shelf milk here in the US would work, as it has been treated with heat and atomized to ensure that there are no fat globules contained in it that can "stick" together to make a cream layer. Not sure if things are similar where you are located. There is a source of "real" milk not far from me, and I'm sure my friends down the road would be happy to get me some on their next run, but it would be easier to just snatch some up after work from the local market.