This has been my life's work. Please consider carefully.
I share this openly now in hopes others will have similar sucsess.

Calcite. Calcium. Milk.Colostrum.

This Matter which comes out of the Center, first of all divides it self into three parts, to procure one corporal or certain form of each Metal.
These three parts are only fed in the Earth by the Elements, out of their Bodies, and nourish'd till they be per|fect.
But the Matter which comes out of the Center is ima|gined by the Stars, operated by the Elements, and formed by the Earth:
It is a Matter to be known, and the true Mother of Metals and Minerals:
It is such a Matter and Mother, whereof Man himself is conceived, born, nourish'd, and made corporal
Without Calcium there is no conception. Without Colostrum ( breast milk ) no nourishment. Without Calcium no bone to be a corporal body.
And below you'll see no Calcite no gold, no metals.

Now you must first know, that all Metals and Minerals of the Earth have one only Matter and Mother,
whereby in general they all received Conception, gaining a compleat and corporal Birth.;view=fulltext

" Children play with it on the street " = Chalk
" Available to rich and poor " = milk
" it is within in you " = Bone
" it is in everything " = Calcium appears in many forms and is a necessity in the majority of them
" The Ore the Human body " = Calcium
" Known by all "

Colostrum. Breast Milk. Our first food outside the womb, for lots of animals as well.
Without Calcium, life like we know it, mammals, reptiles, etc could exist on earth.
It is fundamental to the majority of life's (plants,animals) existence, and a vital building block for all organic life.
It appears in vast array of different forms. " It determines the form of all things "- Spiritus mundi
When embryos grow its Ossification that is the building of the body. " you will know it in yourself..."

Man himself is conceived, born, nourish'd, and made corpora

in the mines and caverns of the earth, which are viscous water, and subtil spirits running through the pores, veins, and bowels of the mountains.
Of them is produced a vapour or cloud, which is the substance and body of metals united, ascending, and reverberating upon its own proper earth,
(as Geber sheweth) even till by a temperate digestion
through the space of a thousand years, the matter is fixed, and converted into a mineral stone, of which metals are made.
Here the author is describing how Stalactites are made.

When mining for Gold the purest Gold is found next to Calcite crystals.
one thing that caused " the generation of metals " that runs through the rocks
Gold in calcite crystals

" The gold is travelling in the Calcite mostly "

God used " Clay " to make Adam in the bible, the clay would have been calcium.
Adam literally means red earth, red earth is calcium under heat.
The vital building block for an organic organism.
" You should knead clay from the top of the abzu; "
Enki and Ninmah

Ambrosia was made from Goat Horns

Goats require certain vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and salt, to maintain healthy horns
Goats milk was used to feed the infant Zeus.

Samudra Manthana Kshir Sagar " Ocean of Milk "
" churning of the Cosmic Ocean in order to obtain Amrita – the nectar of immortal life "

Our Flinty Rock, that we drawn an Oil ( melted Calcite crystals ) from, through a reverse capillary action.

However, recent scientific studies suggest that the underwater limestone formations were naturally formed when the elements of metallic calcium and
nonmetallic Carbon developed into a thick salt layer of marl soil and, at a lower sea level period -
when exposed to the sun and air as a calcium carbonate clay, were baked and harden into a somewhat rare cube-like block design pattern
that appears to have been made by the hand of man. Similar limestone salt blocks can be found onshore the nearby beaches of North Bimini.

Like the bedrock of Key Largo itself, our bones consist of Calcium Carbonate salt material. There is also an important type of bio-tissue salt that exist within
the human body called Calcium Fluorite -- and from what I understand, this salt is capable of providing a flexible link between connective bone and muscle tissue.
Much of the flexible rubber-like cartilage material in our joints is made from Calcium Fluorite -- in fact, small amounts of Fluorite mixed with Iron will make
Iron flexible during the manufacturing process of making steel. Fluorite is also used to create very clear optical camera lenses during the manufacturing process.
Aware of this information, I came across an entry written by an early Spanish historian who described some early natives from southern Florida wherein
the statement goes as follows: "they treated their young with certain herbs which caused their bones to be soft so they could be stretched,
then were nourished on special foods until they grew to giant size".

Moon Milk. In the middle ages peasants would use moonmilk from caves as a natural medicine
Moonmilk (sometimes called mondmilch, also known as montmilch or as cave milk) is a white, creamy substance found inside limestone caves.
It is a precipitate from limestone comprising aggregates of fine crystals of varying composition usually made of carbonates such as calcite,
aragonite, hydromagnesite, and/or monohydrocalcite.
The moon hare from Chinese folklore, brings the Elixir of immortality
Milk is poured over statues all over the world in the belief the water that seaps back out of the rock is a medicince.
The stone idols and temples built from limestone. The water that seaps back out is full of Calcite crystals.

I will shorten for you the thing, as that clear body which is thrown upon the Hillocks,
Hillocks - small mound or hill

and this is more wonderfull concerning this, that it was not among the Ancients,
nor did it come to him by curing, or by the Medicinall Art and that is take the white,
clear and honoured Herb growing on the Hillocks, and pound it fresh as it is in its Hour, and that is the true Body not flying from the Fire
O Aros that is the hidden secret of Scholia; and know
that the said two fumes are the Root of this Art, and they are the white Kibric
and the humid calx, but the fixed Body is of the Heart of Saturn comprehending the Tincture,
and the Fields of Wisdom or of Scholia. And the Philosophers have named it by many and all names,
and received or gathered from the Hillocks it is a clear white Body, and these are the medicine of this Art,
part is procured and part is found upon the Hillocks;
Under hillocks you can find small round globules of calcium.


The answer is derived from the word "Muppu'. It is a Tamil word which means the union of three salts namely
(1) 'Pooneeru'
(2) 'Kalluppu'
(3) Vediyuppu. These salts are also described as Sun, Moon and Fire.

i (1) Pooneeru : ANDAKKALS certain species of lime stones composed of globules are said to be found underneath the fullers earth soil,
A white substance that bubbles out from these lime stones during the full moon night attracted the Siddhas.
Oolite - small round balls of calcium

A pure oolitic limestone with spar cement.
The oolites are white, rounded, and concentrically layered, in the sand sized range.
In some of the broken oolites we can see the seed in the middle which began the oolite,
and the concentric layers by which the oolite was built. In the unbroken examples the oolite just looks like a tiny pearl.
The spar cement is clear calcite precipitated between the oolites by ground water after deposition.
It looks transparent or slightly gray, almost like a clear glue binding the oolites together.
‘transparent and recently smelted lead mineral’ must be used, the one at the Arsenal Library states:
‘Take the crystalline stones that surround and feed the lead mines, the most transparent and recently
taken from the water of mines, whenever possible, provided they had not be exposed to the sun at all’.75
Another copy provides even more detail on the raw material required to prepare the ‘Philosopher's Stone’: ‘
The true philosophical matter is a mineral substance properly named Saturn's sperm, since it is mainly
found at the places in which lead grows.
The crystalline matter mentioned in the recipes may refer to the white lead spar that is sometimes
found in crystalline and transparent form as galena gangue; for instance, in his Dictionnaire de Chimie, 2nd edn (Théophile Barrois, Paris, 1778), J. P.
Macquer states that the white lead is an example: ‘
of very rich species of lead ores that are quite far from the state of mineralization in strict sense
If we can only conceive nourish and make man corporeal using calcium ( ore of the body )
If you were to purify an organism which was built on calcium ( man ), you would use a purified form of calcium to do so.

because " Nature rejoices in nature "
so to regenerate cell damage your body needs calcium.

It exists in a variety of forms alongside others, take it away and there is no life as we know it.
Calcium is in the earth all over the planet, it exists alongside every other mineral.

I share this openly now in hopes others will have similar success.

Jack James Joyce