Hi! I got curious about the puzzle that Madathanus left and that should disclose his real name.

The puzzle is in the preface to his Aureum Seculum Redivivum. I think that MAYBE the "symbol of the author" may play a role there (but it is simply a suspicion, I don't know how to decipher it).

I will use an amended version of Waite's English translation as to copy the text in English:

"In conclusion, that the learned and worthy Christian reader may know my Christian name and my surname, I will remove every cause of complaint by making it known in the following manner. Let all and sundry be certified that the number of my name is M.DC.XIII: by this number my whole name is written in the book of Nature with II dead ones, and 7 living ones. After that, the letter 5 is the fifth part of B, and 15 the fifth part of 12. With this information you must be satisfied. Written Mons Abiegnus, March 23rd, 1622."

The Latin text:

And the authors symbol (which may be related to the puzzle or not):

O.K... the work is signed as "HINRICUS MADATHANUS"... And his real name is known:

"Adrian von Mynsicht (1603ľ1638) was a German Paracelsian medical doctor and alchemist. Otherwise known as Henricus or Hinricus Madathanus, Adrian Seumenicht or SŘmenicht, Hadrianus a Mynsicht, Hadrianus a Munsicht, Hadrian Mynsicht; it has been suggested by some researchers that his real name was Adrian Seumenicht, with Hadrianus a Munsicht derived as anagram. ("Harmannus Datichus", mentioned in the following text, is also an anagram of the same.) Madathanus refers to himself as "Dei Gratia Aurea Crucis Frater" or "by the Grace of God Brother of the Golden Cross"."

Source: http://atrightanglestoreality.blogsp...-saeculum.html

So... the solution to the puzzle should (probably) be among the names mentioned above, but I do not know how is it that he arrives to anything by using those "hints".

Just for fun: anyone can think of what kind of method can be used as to arrive to his "real name" by using those very strange hints? I don't think the method will disclose any kind of alchemical knowledge... but it's a challenge for those who like cyphers.