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Hahaha.. I know; but I like coincidences.
I tend to let myself be guided by them.

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"Ab uno omnia et ad unum omnia" From one, everything and to one, everything" (not sure if my translation to English makes sense, but a less literal translation is "Everything comes from one and to one everything returns")

What you have on the right is "Quod est superius est sicut Inferius"... which is a literal quote of a line of the Emerald Tablet, though a "quod" is missing and the grammar gets a bit wrong ("hat which is above is like that which is below" would be the translation)... even if the correct way of writing it should be: "quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius"

We obviously have nothing in common!
Do you like Giordano Bruno too? I'm been collecting whatever images of his I can find for while now. It's really hard to find good versions of his original printed works. I'd like to say these are from 'Explicatio triginta sigillorum ad omnium', but I'd never found it. All I found is "Illustrations de Explicatio triginta sigillorum ad omnium", probably digitized from microform, and from an already inferior copy.

These are probably inspired by the Sefer Yetzirah. Bruno (like me) couldn't read hebrew, but he had an assistant that translated pages for him.

This one uses the latin alphabet, but they are laid out like the typical interpretation of the rotating wheel, with the 22 letters connected to each other for the gates. the bottom part looks like they are all connect back to the "one"