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Thread: Above & Below WHAT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florius Frammel View Post
    This implies that in the X symbol there is not only an above and a below, but also a left and a right. The classical symbol for Sal (H)Armoniac could therefore represent the same, or an improved "concept":

    The above is on its way to become the symbol of Chaos or the Star of Ishtar/Venus... which is love.

    Chaos is Love. Chaos is Creation. Creation is Love. Love is Creation.

    As above, so below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salazius View Post
    Thus the limit between could be a what, a when, a where, a how... A cross, an X, an equinox, a full moon, a door, a window, a threashold, etc.
    And yet that which is below is that which is above, which makes the limit become only a "perspective".

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro
    Ok. I guess I got the point!

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    The big mistake not commit is to imagine that the X point, cross road (where the pacts with the devil are made generally, ask Robert Johnson lol), is always everywhere.

    It's not everywhere in the relativeworld (it's and No.where in the absolute world) so some X Paths, X.tra roads are doomed.

    Simply because the relative place in midgard where they stand are not leading to a perfect X gate, but to an X Goat place.

    That's the major mistake of the Hebrew Ark of Covenant. They made a disequilibrated Covenant, opening a gate on a place of fire, a Tyrannic Fire Demon Entity, eager for power and blood in order to get some food appeared from it.
    Re reading the bible is very interesting with this point of view. YHVH is then a psychopathic entity :"Yes of course Mose, kill the other tribe of your cousin, to get their land, no problem with that", and also "bring me on the battle field and give me some holocauts also..." This vampire entity doomed partically the destiny of Hebrew people. Pacts of souls and blood are the worst to get rid of.

    The gates that are opened should be also closed.

    One should know perfectly how works the Matrix in its polarities in order to know how to make a super neutral point. The Hermetic Vision must then be at a pro level, to the extreme understanding of it. And I can tell you, that you'll never find anywhere this knowledge in books. You receive it from God (no bigotery here, it's just a Vision of perfection that happens like enlightenement).

    And, if someone knows how to open it, then he must also know how to avoid that point to be ruined and vampirized. The Source must stay pure and not be given to any entity coming and going. I say this because I opened it. Some entities tryed to ask me for favors. All these entities feeding on others' energies, unable to have a link to the Source on their own as it should naturally be, because they renounced to it at some point...

    Everyone wants free food. All chinese restaurants know that. But there is nothing free. That's the law of Fluxes. Everyone has to pay at a moment. Nothing in the relative world is free.

    But because you opened the door, you are karmically responsible of it. Your doom.

    Basically, for "one" microcosm, there is only one true Door. That's all.
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    "I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy.

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    The X is the signature of fire in nature, learn to see the light of nature! That is why it portrays radiating spires, thats what they are.

    Known to all generations ,in all times, and all places throughout time that the Sun was animator and giver of Life!!

    Meant to shine above and to give life to whats below, it burns and dis-integrates matter in many different ways and dimensions/realms and planes

    Alchemy is the Work of The Sun, it says plainly at the end of the Emerald Tablet

    To know what the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world are.....Life...Death....Resurrection
    Peace and LVX

    Frater L.R.

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