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I wish you would be less cryptic and shadowy Maybe you should just post a video of yourself technique in practice, or in progress? Maybe even turn red for us.


I wanted to point something out here. This guy Rickson Gracie is widely recognized as one of the greatest Jiu Jitsu fighters of all time. Here he exposes his secret to success in a Documentary called Choke. I met Rickson Gracie through Machado Jiu Jitsu in Las Vegas and at a Seminar for Black belts he gathered us all around in a circle and did what he does here in the video.

His quote "Do you wanna know my secret to "Hidden Jiu Jitsu"? It's like yoga and stuff."

My brother in Qi Gong who I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with since 1996 was there with me. We looked at each other and I think both of us came to the same thought at that time.

There is no way I could explain it better, my vitality has definitely increased more than a regular Joe. I can't bench press even 200 lbs. its not that kind of strength. It's is an internal kind. I can take punches, absorb damage, have insane amounts of energy.

I utilize all of this by fighting in mixed martial arts. I go to the gym five to six times a week, I run and hit the heavy bag and lift weights and beat up people for fun. I used to run a security company that specialized in Nightclub and Restaurant security.

I do agree with you Avatar, you are probably on to something that is only safe for a healthy person to practice. But this stuff is probably sounding like gibberish to most untrained in lots of breathing practices.

I had been teaching martial arts and Tai Chi in the California area for a long time. Though I do not have students any more. There are so many odd people, with strange New Age beliefs and ideas added, they fill all the spacey cliche spiritual stereotypes you can imagine. They all want to be the Qi Gong teacher, or the Yogi or the Guru. Everyone wants to act like they have it all figured out, talking about Chakras and energy and Chi and Prana. Just wanting to train a bit then run away and become the teacher. Students suddenly want me to become their wedding counselor and personal advisor, security guard, travel companion etc. Why? When I just wanted to share the teachings... Why such sudden and drastic changes in peoples lives hmmm...

I have spent and continue to spend a good amount of my life trying to understand these subjects, only because I have had some out of this world experiences.

What kind of vitality are you experiencing in your life??

I am strong as a bull, I can confidently subdue any human being without harming them, I rarely get sick if ever, when I do its just some super snotty shit out my nose for a few days. I have no physical injuries, my body is in supreme condition like a well oiled machine.

All of this I attribute to the secrets of Internal Nourishment School, and the breathing practices and standing meditations that transformed me from inside out.
Give me a moment white belt.
I will make a video.
In the mean time, I have done a lot of explaining and describing.
However I have given both keys. Plainly used scientific terms.
It's like saying fibia and tibia instead of arm.
Anyway, I also sent you a pm to explain.

Rejuvination is not like the benifits of exersice or the high of a sugar rush. It is a semi permanent increase of gross vital functioning.
Kinda like how I assume steroids make people feel, except you can keep increasing this and it effects ALL functions. To be cryptic for better clarity, the spirit increases, an thus all functions of the body increase.