Okay. New thread since I could not revive a previous one.
The key to to making the life force rise up and generate heat that is used to multiple vitality when combined with controlled hyperventilation and sexual stimulation is the partial Valsalva maneuver And full Valsalva maneuver. BOOM, just gave you the key of keys. I can tell you exactly how to use it, an I will, however maybe I will keep that for half a second to entice conversation. However the gold brick was just thrown at your head. For anyone experienced it will be a god saver. However for most more direction will be needed. We cannot all be zealots beasts. Even I am just an ember glowing atm. However I have decided not to hide this no more. I only kept it to myself for 5 months or so. A long time but a short time for someone who works 90 hours a week and Personally I need to get a roommate so I can reduce my work load and practice more. Didn't ever think I would figure this out. If any of you would like to donate to me I would appreciate it. I have more solid techniques for advancement. However I just gave you that worth the most for free. Planting seeds of gold.