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Thread: Cathedral of Trogir, Croatia

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    Cathedral of Trogir, Croatia

    Not only Fulcanelli, others too independently claimed there is alchemical imagery on medieval cathedrales.

    Rudolf Bernoulli, swiss historian says:

    "How do you do it? Where is the way that leads to the goal? I can make it short: There is an image on the portal of the cathedral in Trogir. The alchemist sits in front of his athanor in which a fire is burning. He put his retort on the oven. With his left hand he raises a cup. There comes an angel that pours in the water of life."

    Added to the Map!
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    Nice find! And probably more explicit than a lot of the images that fascinated Fulcanelli.
    (The shoes of the alchemist are probably not symbolic of anything, but he certainly has style!)

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