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Thread: Salt & Water

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    Salt & Water

    There are a few VERY simple experiments that almost everyone can undertake at home, with stuff most people already have available in the kitchen.

    One such example is tinkering with a salt and a liquid, in this case, common salt and plain water.

    I've decided to give it a spin as a sort of "proof of concept" experiment and post it here for reference.

    The "matters" used here are sea salt (we used Celtic) and water (we used distilled spring water, collected directly from a local spring).

    All there is to it is basically "Dissolve & Coagulate". But you can tinker with it, like varying the heating (or no heating) temperatures when the salt is dry (between dissolutions), various temperatures for evaporating the water, etc... Later you can also introduce other variables, light solar and/or lunar exposure, different matters, etc... Just get some tinkering done!

    In addition to the salt and the water, you'll probably need a hotplate and/or an oven, stuff that is already present in most households. A boiling flask can also be nice, but perhaps not absolutely necessary.

    Anyway, here's what happens to the salt during and after the water is evaporated in this very simple and very basic experiment, after a dozen or so cycles:

    Note: This did NOT happen after the few first/initial cycles, only a bit "later in the game"...

    If you've read the Golden Chain of Homer, you can also play around with the liquid-to-solid ratio, and perhaps see which ratios make it "climb" and which ratios lead it more towards fixity?

    Maybe there is a lot that can be learned/observed from such simple basic stuff...

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    Nice...thanks for the generous info.

    Charles Littlefield worked on this "vitalization" also.

    Do you notice any difference between electric vs fire heat sources? How about indoors vs outside?

    Those are my only questions. Much needs to be learned through trial and error.

    EDIT.....Nevermind, I need to stop smoking cannabis and learn how to read...
    I've decided to give it a spin as a sort of "proof of concept" experiment and post it here for reference.
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    CuSO4 (blue vitriol): dest. water (from tumble dryer)
    1:3 ratio(mass)
    T~60-70C (electric heat plate)

    Already climbing after first round.

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    Second round: The beaker already isn't enough anymore.
    This is interesting!

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    Pretty images. Thanks for sharing. The way the salt climbs it appears to be alive or growing. Looks like a fun experiment with salt and water.

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    Does the climbing salt change in chemical properties or is it just alchemical properties?

    Does the climbing salt exhibit a sign that spiritus mundi is now present?
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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