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Thread: Book Request: Athena's Advanced Grimoire of Enochian Magick

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    Wildfire Guest

    Book Request: Athena's Advanced Grimoire of Enochian Magick

    Does any body have an e-book copy of "Athena's Advanced Grimoire of Enochian Magick" by any chance? if you could share it I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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    Enochian is the language of Angels? Seems really over my head but I did find a google version with the first few chapters 2,3,4 if you're interested.


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    Wildfire Guest
    Thank you Seraphim. Unfortunately I had read it through that link already and what lies ahead is really important work that is missing. That's why I was wondering if anybody had the full PDF. Many thanks for the effort and sharing

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    The book is for sale on for about 55 USD.

    If it really is that important of a work, then I’m sure the author wouldn’t mind receiving the appreciation in $$$


    Also, I see that it was published in 2016, so it’s most likely still under copywrite.
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    There are tons of books out there on Enochian Magick that you can find in PDF format. This 'author' seems to be some new age internet personality. This book is vanity/self published through and Amazon CreateSpace.

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