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Thread: New Publication of Splendor Solis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Yes indeed! There is a step prior to Putrefaction.

    We can choose to call this step Preparation.

    Plate XXI of Splendor Solis depicts this process in a cabalistic manner.

    Ever wonder why so many people fail from the start and rarely produce any results that align with the Ancients...?

    With the advent of Youtube and streaming video sites of people who want nothing more than fame, notoriety, and money, do you not feel that someone who figured something out revolutionary would be blasting it to the world right now in hope of recognition, respect, or even good-will...?

    Does it surprise you that of the multiple thousands of users here on this forum, the decades spent collaborating, and all the deceiving pseudo-teachers and egotistical wanna-be alchemists no one has accomplished anything worthwhile, much less produced results even remotely in alignment with the words of the Sages...?

    This is due to the fact that they do not prepare that which they work with. They rush into calculus without knowing what numbers even are. Those who do know what numbers are fail to learn addition and subtraction and skip right on to flailing their arms in the wind hoping they can somehow pull off multiplication.

    After we collect a sufficient quantity of what we're going to work with (this takes a much longer time than initially would be assumed), one cannot simply shut it up inside a vessel and hope for it to just do its thing and progress how we wish. No!

    Our Matter will never Putrefy unless it first be prepared.

    We are required to manipulate this in its first state--prepare it--something the Masters considered an "opening" of what we work with. This is rarely discussed, often ignored, moderately tedious, and an extremely unpleasant task. When miners work in the coal mines all day they come up out of the earth covered in sweat and coal residue, smelling absolutely horrible, they cannot wait to get home to take a hot bath in order to cleanse the nastiness of the day from their now-black body.

    Most Alchemists choose to be very silent regarding this first stage of development being that this is the first initiatory door which opens a whole new world of possibilities for experimentation and learning.

    When Preparation is mentioned in the texts, it is highly veiled and often glossed over and presented as unimportant, or a sentence or two is thrown in amongst a subject not pertaining to this first step of Preparation but yet deliberately describing it.

    We can safely assume that in order to succeed one must take the time to develop the ability of How To Read Alchemy Texts, which in turn transfers to how we read internet posts from those who are seemingly further along in the Art than us, extracting the superfluous words from their posts, and condensing their few subtle hints they meagerly give us into a rock-solid foundation which the wise Artist can build upon.
    I don't think there is a singular reason why it is difficult to understand the exact process of the Great Work from the alchemists' writings.

    Nevertheless, some can be safely assumed to have achieved something along these lines even in modern times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    That image (above) is indeed very appropriate for illustrating the Inner Fire in "sympathetic vibration" with the "external" or "heavenly" Fire

    Fire from Above & Fire from Below.
    "As above, so below; the lesser and greater; microcosm and macrocosm: they are the same. Following this principle, all things were made from the One.

    And as all things arose from a thought by the One; thus all things were formed as an adaption of the One.

    This is the fundamental principle."

    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphim View Post
    Thank you for sharing that is helpful. Those plates look interesting. They appear to be washing and drying some kind of linen cloth?


    Let us ask the four Elements of Nature...

    When we prepare our Matter, we are given an opportunity to work with these four Elements in a harmonious manner.

    What do the Sages repeat again and again: 'Solve et coagula'.

    In the second chapter of the Fifth Treatise of the Splendor Solis we learn what coagulation is:
    "Coagulation, which is turning the Water again into the Corpus or Matter."

    In the Fourth Chapter we learn more about dissolution:
    "The Spirit dissolves the body, and in the Dissolution extracts the Soul of the Body, and changes this body into Soul; and the Soul is changed into the Spirit, and the Spirit is again added to the Body, for thus it has stability."

    Is this anything more, as you point out, than simply washing and drying?

    Remember what the Emerald Tablet says, "Its power is complete if it can be turned into earth".

    The outcome of this purification is our White Stone, the basis and foundation of our Work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Sternbach View Post
    Nevertheless, some can be safely assumed to have achieved something along these lines even in modern times.
    No doubt! There are certainly some people alive today that have accomplished what we seek. This is have no doubt about. These people choose to remain silent, clearly choosing to do so with good reason.

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    I get around.
    That image has very beautiful colors.

    Washing and drying sounds simple but I haven't figured out the correct Matter or how it is to be properly purified.

    Thanks for sharing Schmuldvich, appreciate it.

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    I'd also like to purchase a hard copy of this translated work. Amazon seems to only offer a Kindle format

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleridgean View Post
    I'd also like to purchase a hard copy of this translated work. Amazon seems to only offer a Kindle format
    There’s a link in the very first post which will take you to the hardback version.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    OK thanks I believe I found it

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