FROM: The Life & the Doctrines of Paracelsus
By Franz Hartmann

To make the Primum Ens Sanguinis take blood from the median vein of a healthy young person, and let it run into a warm bottle that has been weighed upon scales, so that the exact quantity of the blood used will be known.

Add to this blood twice its quantity of alcahest, close the bottle, and permit it to remain in a moderately warm place for about fourteen days, after which the red fluid is to be separated from the sediment, filtered, and preserved.

This is the Primum Ens Sanguinis, and it is used in the same manner as the
Primum Ens Melissae.

As the Primum Ens Melissae process appears to be missing some vital information that
would bring it to the wonders ascribed to it, I feel the Primum Ens Sanguinis process
may also be lacking in the detail to bring it to fruition.

I am doing some research into the P E Melissae process at present in the hope of stepping
up to the PE Sanguinis some day.

It's not easy to find any relevant material that will shine a little light into the shadows
of this subect.

These processes appear to be almost as cloaked as the Philosophers Stone.