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Thread: The hunt for the stone and the truths of our world

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    The hunt for the stone and the truths of our world

    My name is Tiffany 32 year old female from the states. to be honest i dont really know what to say about my self other than I am a well versed and educated bibliophile with a deep seeded passion for understanding the physical and spiritual universe and all it has to offer. the study of Alchemy it self has been a life long interest and one i have spent the last 20 years trying to understand. i have never had any formal education on the subject, I prefer to work and learn in my own way and on my own time, but with that comes several downfalls and i feel that at this point i have taken my research and experimentation as far as i can on my own. the main focus of my work so far has been devoted primarily to two subjects, the understanding and translations of the 16th and 17th century alchemic texts to understand the possess that they used and the ciphers they wrote in to hide there meanings.
    and secondly the great work it self I truly believe that the stone can be forged if the process is done properly. i do not believe that the stone can transmute lead into gold, the laws of physics and chemistry dont add up for that, however I do believe that it could be possible to use the stone for biological regeneration, if the red stone it self is crystallized energy it could be converted and used to restore the physical body. ultimately that is my goal and as much as it pains me to admit, i need the input and advice of others to go to the next steps of completing my research.

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    Welcome to Alchemy Forums Tiffany.

    I would be interested to hear about the type of experimentation you have been working with.

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    Yes, Welcome to the Forums!
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Awesome introduction. Welcome to the forums.

    What experiments do you currently have going?

    What have you experimented with in the past?

    Have you accomplished anything worthwhile?

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    I'd be interested in which texts those are you are translating. Maybe I could be of assistance too.

    Unfortunately many promising introductions don't get beyond this initial introductory stage and stay one-posters.

    I'd be glad to hear more of you (and the others that might feel addressed)!

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    Wow I greatly appreciate the warm welcome, I was not sure what to expect when I got here and I'm looking forward to talking with you guys. Right now I have three experiments I'm working on privately one is obviously the possessing and developing the stone it self. The second is an engine that requires no fule to create propulsion. The third is still in the early stages but I have been ( carefully) working with wolfsbane esscincal oil to try to develop a better anti toxin to treat accidental poisonings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luna Raven View Post
    ...and the ciphers they wrote in to hide there meanings.
    Nice. I think this topic doesn't get enough attention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luna Raven View Post
    ...i do not believe that the stone can transmute lead into gold, the laws of physics and chemistry don't add up for that
    They aren't really "laws" as much as they are "spacetime rules"....and rules were meant to be broken.

    After formulating the well known equations governing electromagnetic fields, James Clerk Maxwell solved the equations with quaternians. This mathematical approach resulted in forming field vectors that had not only magnitude and direction, but a scaler quantity representing potential as well. A simplified explanation of the significance of this approach is the example of two fields of equal magnitude but opposite direction interacting with each other. Using quaternians, the solution is a field with zero magnitude, no direction, and a scaler potential having a magnitude of two times the magnitude of the opposing fields. In an attempt to simplify the mathematical calculations used in electromagnetic field theory, Heavyside threw out the scaler results obtained with quaternians by reasoning that only the vector magnitudes and directions were of significance, thus greatly simplifying vector mathematics. This approach has become the method commonly used in electromagnetic field theory by science today. If we return to the original way Maxwell computed fields and consider the scaler quantities as localized metric potentials then it becomes possible to change the general space time metric within a localized space. It can be shown that nuclear binding forces, and therefore, nuclear reaction threshold, theoretically change if the space time metric changes. This may explain how it may be possible to provide a localized environment in which low energy nuclear fusion reactions could take place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luna Raven View Post
    an engine that requires no fuel to create propulsion.
    Reactionless propulsion is one of my top obsessions.
    Have you read the ufo analysis book by Paul Hill? It and Stardrive Engineering by Mark Tomion are wonderful.
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    Hi Tiffany

    A lot of study and lab work can be fitted into 20 years !!!

    Are you working Spagyric, Alchemic or both ?

    Are you pursuing any particular path with your lab work ?

    Do you have any favorite Alchemic authors that inspire you ?

    I'm always interested in talking to those that are working in their labs.
    I would enjoy hearing more about your study, work and the hurdles
    that you are confronted with.

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    HI Tiffany WELCOME IN FORUN very interesting regeneration aspect to read you


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    Are you interested in making or having a stone?? If it's just the latter I know of an existing stone that's fairly easy to for someone to access.

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