This is for anyone who is new to alchemy or the occult. It is true that alchemy and occultism awakens forces within us that we could have never experienced before. I remember what I went through and how it transformed me immensely.

But just as with everything else there is a catch and I notice that either the more advanced practitioners aren't well educated about this catch or they neglect to mention it to others. Alchemy and occultism creates a barrier of protection from entities and diseases (all the same to me). It forms what I like to think of as a shield around you.

But once a person decides to self initiate into this tradition he/she must continue with perseverance and utter determination. Hence why it is called "The Great Work". I have read about this warning that I am mentioning here as the path of the dabbler and it is a perilous territory to get into as bad things of varying magnitudes can happen to the dabbler (I know because I did it myself and paid a price for it). I say this not to shatter anybody's hopes and aspirations, but to educate on the dangers involved and to aid others into making informed decisions before taking a commitment that is lifelong and life changing.

May your labs remain redundant.