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Thread: Making the Stone via Cupellation

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    Making the Stone via Cupellation

    I tried the following:

    "How Gold may be Greatly Increased in Weight
    (GLAUBER, PART I, p.178, a.)

    Take one part of gold mixed with five or six parts of lead, and drive away the lead again upon a good test until the gold sparkle and shine, when the gold will be found to weigh much heavier than it did at first, the increased weight being from the lead solely."

    Actual attempt: Alloyed 10g 99.99% Gold with 50g Lead. Placed the button on a magnesia cupel and cupellated at 900'C. When the lead was gone, I increased the temperature to 1100'C for a full melt of the gold. After cooling, there was no increase in the gold, the weight remained the almost the same 10.0025g. But there was a red/purple stone on the perimeter of the rim of the cupel. Looks like the stone to me, but after scraping it off it does not deliquesce in air and it does not melt.

    The photo is after cooling and before scraping the red/purple material that was as hard as stone.

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    What you found seems to be a mere red lead (or Pb3O4 if to use language of chemistry), probably in mix with some other similar compounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Scrooge View Post
    ..but after scraping it off it does not deliquesce in air and it does not melt.
    Does it dissolve in HCl acid and if yes what is the color of the solution?

    If it was lead oxides it should have been absorbed by the cupel. However, judging by the position of this white salt on the cupel, it could be some lead oxides which solidified before being absorbed.

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    I believe increasing the Stone in Quality and Quantity, is done by and only by Transumation... this is the only way it can be done, from my understanding.

    The process mentioned and layed out here isn't transmutation and I would argue whether that is truthfully the stone or not, and if it even has any powers that the alchemists have mentioned in their books. Alchemists discovered many materials...

    Many people have mish mashed things together and thought maybe this time it was the stone... countless of people from all ages... many things can look like the stone

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