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Thread: Any surviving alchemists who are hundreds of years old?

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    It has always been the aim of the Alchemists to perfectionate Creation and to help uplifting it to the level of the Spirit - starting with themselves!

    Now Spirit is naturally everlasting - in fact it may be the only truly immortal part in most individuals. I believe that, having transferred the perfection of Spirit to their own mind and body, the adept whose life span has thus been extended indefinitely would naturally turn to activities designed to lead the rest of the cosmos towards its ultimate destination.

    Bored? Frustrated? I don't think so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibric View Post
    Keys for what ?.
    if you're ever locked outside your house or can't find your keys, look to the sky and say ''Future''. The answer lies here.

    Shoutout to Chasm and Schmuldvich. Thank you both for your contribution. You two have my eternal gratitude, as you both have helped me tremendously.
    Last edited by tAlchemist; 2 Weeks Ago at 06:24 PM. Reason: The reason I edited this post is because, I forgot to give a shoutout.

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