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Thread: Practical Work: The Key to modern Spagyrics

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    After another rectificationof my views on the subject, I believe that the Secret solvent is actually extracted from a hybrid of both vegetable, and mineral realms. Common sense would suggest that the generative growth and evolution of plants is important to what we are trying to achieve, and that the sharpness, power and fire of the mineral realm would be needed for the dramatic results we read about.

    This is why I have returned now to the acetate path, which, if we look at hollandus' work, he describes a 'Work of Saturn's which I believe is one of the volumes that z k0 based his work from, where he describes that "the fire stone" is to be found in Saturn" and also that it was the greatest accomplishment of the Vegetable work.!?!?

    So couldn't an acetate be considered simultaneously vegetable and mineral? And couldn't this explain why we read so many contradictions?

    Robert A Bartlett seems to think so and until I prove otherwise, I have decided to gear my next round of experiments to the finding out whether or not he is right.
    The Secret Solvent is also called Vegetable Mercury. I know of no one that has achieved the simple basic Secret Solvent or Vegetable Mercury by starting with minerals or metals. You are on the right track that the Secret Solvent is determined to the Mineral Kingdom after it is first released from its bonds in the starting matter either vegetable or animal.

    If I were you I would not start with Hollandus (Work of Saturn) to begin any opus on the Acetate Path. Instead start with Samuel Norton's "First Treatise the Vegetable Stone." The idea that an acetate is simultaneously vegetable and mineral is a misguided modern hypothesis not based on sound alchemical philosophy delineated by Dunstan, Lull, Guido, Ripley, Norton and many other alchemy adepts. There are no contradictions between the old adepts; the appearance of "contradictions"are the results of modern operators in the 20th century making assumptions that have not proven out in the lab. So their hypothesis is tweaked to align with their lab results that do not resemble what the old adepts described.

    Forget Robert Bartlett and focus on Norton and save yourself some time and labor.

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    I believe that the Secret solvent is actually extracted from a hybrid of both vegetable, and mineral realms.
    Thus he. Now, this changeable nature whereof he speaks is the first, visible, tangible substance that ever God made: it is white in appearance and Paracelsus gives you the reason why: "All things," saith he, "when they first proceed from God are white, but He colours them afterwards according to His pleasure." An example we have in this very matter, which the philosophers call sometimes their Red Magnesia, sometimes their white, by which descriptions they have deceived many men. For in the first preparation the chaos is blood-red, because the Central Sulphur is stirred up and discovered by the Philosophical Fire. In the second it is exceeding white and transparent like the heavens. It is in truth somewhat like common quicksilver, but of a celestial, transcendent brightness, for there is nothing upon earth like it. This fine substance is the child of the elements and it is a most pure sweet virgin, for nothing as yet hath been generated out of her. But if at any time she breeds it is by the fire of Nature, for that is her husband. She is no animal, no vegetable, no mineral, neither is she extracted out of animals, vegetables or minerals, but she is pre-existent to them all, for she is the mother of them. Yet one thing I must say: she is not much short of life, for she is almost animal. Her composition is miraculous and different from all other compounds whatsoever. Gold is not so compact but every sophister concludes it is no simple; but she is so much one that no man believes she is more. She yields to nothing but love, for her end is generation and that was never yet performed by violence. He that knows how to wanton and toy with her, the same shall receive all her treasures. First, she sheds at her nipples a thick, heavy water, but white as any snow: the philosophers call it Virgin's Milk. Secondly, she gives him blood from her very heart: it is a quick, heavenly fire; some improperly call it their sulphur. Thirdly and lastly, she presents him with a secret crystal, of more worth and lustre than the white rock and all her rosials. This is she, and these are her favours: catch her, if you can.

    The high temp extraction does seem to be the most commonly written about method
    for obtaining a Secret Solvent but I think I have read some where that there are other
    methods that can achieve the same results at much lower temps e.g. boiling water.

    I can see the possibility of being able to extract what we need from the plant realm
    (virtue, etc ...) to be able to have an Alchemic Reaction but my feeling is that those materials may be easier and more abundantly extracted in the mineral/metallic realm.
    The Mercury of the wise men is a watery element cold and moist. This
    is their Permanent Water, the spirit of the body, the unctuous vapour, the
    blessed water, the virtuous water, the water of the wise men, the
    philosopher's vinegar, the mineral water, the dew of heavenly grace, the
    virgin's milk, the bodily Mercury; and with other numberless names it is
    named in the books of the philosophers; which names truly -- though they
    are divers notwithstanding -- always signify one and the same thing,
    namely, the Mercury of the wise men. Out of this Mercury alone all the
    virtue of the Art is extracted and -- according to its nature -- the
    Tincture, both red and white.
    Vaughan goes on at length about the confusion with fire. The gentle fire that causes oil to turn into gumm, is the fire he refers too.

    From drops to sighs they turn and then
    Those sighs return to drops again;
    But whiles the silver torrent seeks
    Those flowers that watch it in thy cheeks
    The white and red Hyanthe wears
    Turn to rose-water all her tears.
    The preparation of mercury ( tears ) before it becomes a white water ( secret solvent ) is a fire that excites hynathe, a stronger fire than the subsequent gentle fire
    used to fix the mercury by itself.

    Extracting mercury from red earth where the fire has dwelt for some time then
    fixing the Permanent water ( mercury ), so it becomes a black stone, then a white water ( secret solvent ) through a gentle fire.

    The deliberate confusion of calling mercury different names from its different physical states ( SLG) and different names for its states of preparation
    insures that this alchemical debacle continues.
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    Thank you, great research!
    So all this we can apply to make a Circulatum Majj? If yes, do we consider a Circulatum as Majj because it derives from this method applied to mineral matter or else maybe because Hg is added to another menstruum?
    If we consider a vegetable Alcahest, isnt still the way here of the 4 empyreumatic elements a philosophical one?
    Thank you all

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    I would add one thing to this thread,

    Salomon Trismosin in his Opus Vini makes the anatomy of wine, separating alcohol, phlegm, acid oil and salts. Then, not entering in the details of process, recombines first a mixture of delinquescent salts with the rectified alcohol, and says that is medicine for men.

    Afterwards he says if you want to continue for a medicine to other kingdom, add the fire you found distilling the tar-honey...

    This is interesting, that he combines just the more traditional elements for a wellbeing liquor, and using all the elements found only for advancing practise.

    (Also interesting that Basilius Valentine gives an analogic medicine to be prepared in his book of fifth essence, by preparing a green salt of tartar (or salpetre) and digesting it with rectified alcohol. To be used internally plain like this, or in mixture with other spirits as a menstruum.)

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