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Thread: Psychism, siddhis and present day spirit science/ secret socities- what do you know?

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    Jan 2020
    Cool. Egregores are interesting. I now have a copy of the book I am yet to read. Thanks Uambra, might play around a bit with the monastery egregore.

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    Feb 2020

    Since the title of the thread implies that you want to acquire some psychic/spiritual abilities: Do you have an idea on what you would like to do? You've read "How to know higher worlds" from Rudolf Steiner? I didn't read the book, just took a look at it. Doesn't he provide some suggestions how to get in contact with those 'higher worlds'? I am curious: what did you learn from this book? Would you like to talk about it?

    And would you like to go further in this direction or do you look for something different?

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    One Word;

    Magic Flying Broom Sticks.

    We all read about the monks in the mountains flying on clouds. You see a connection? I do! It's a beauty.

    These people operating on that Prima Materia. Feel me?

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