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Thread: Corona Virus - COVID19

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    Wildfire Guest

    Corona Virus - COVID19

    WARNING: Help friends and family avoid false information about the pandemic. Share a link to non-Corporate News websites with unbiased opinions sourced from respectable scientists that are not paid by corporate media or Big Pharma.

    Although it is a lot of hoopla, there is a chance of being killied by the outbreak of COVID-19. So here's my question... what is a good cure for this virus? a lot of people say colloidal silver, but that's not proven.
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    I get around.
    Is colloidal silver the same thing as living silver? Would like to learn this.
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    High doses of Vitamin C. That's china's new trick apparently. Garlic is great for the immune system.

    At the end of 2019, patients with unexplained pneumonia appeared in Wuhan, China. At 21:00 on January 7, 2020, a new coronavirus was detected in the laboratory, and the detection of pathogenic nucleic acids was completed at 20:00 on January 10. Subsequently, the World Health Organization officially named the new coronavirus that caused the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan as 2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), and the pneumonia was named severe acute respiratory infection (SARI). Up to February 4, 2020, over 20000 cases have been diagnosed in China, 406 of which have died, and 154 cases have been discovered in other countries around the world. Most of the deaths were elderly patients or patients with severe underlying diseases. SARI has caused global concern and emergency.

    Statistics of the 41 patients with SARI published in JAMA initially showed that 13 patients were transferred into the ICU, of which 11 (85%) had ARDS and 3 (23%) had shock. Of these, 10 (77%) required mechanical ventilation support, and 2 (15%) required ECMO support. Of the above 13 patients, 5 (38%) eventually died and 7 (38%) were transferred out of the ICU. Viral pneumonia is a dangerous condition with a poor clinical prognosis. For most viral infections, there is a lack of effective targeted antiviral drugs, and symptomatic supportive treatment is still the current main treatment.

    Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has antioxidant properties. When sepsis happens, the cytokine surge caused by sepsis is activated, and neutrophils in the lungs accumulate in the lungs, destroying alveolar capillaries. Early clinical studies have shown that vitamin C can effectively prevent this process. In addition, vitamin C can help to eliminate alveolar fluid by preventing the activation and accumulation of neutrophils, and reducing alveolar epithelial water channel damage. At the same time, vitamin C can prevent the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps, which is a biological event of vascular injury caused by neutrophil activation. Vitamins can effectively shorten the duration of the common cold. In extreme conditions (athletes, skiers, art workers, military exercises), it can effectively prevent the common cold. And whether vitamin C also has a certain protective effect on influenza patients, only few studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency is related to the increased risk and severity of influenza infections. In a controlled but non-randomized trial, 85% of the 252 students treated experienced a reduction in symptoms in the high-dose vitamin C group (1g / h at the beginning of symptoms for 6h, followed by 3 * 1g / day). Among patients with sepsis and ARDS, patients in the high-dose vitamin group did not show a better prognosis and other clinical outcomes. There are still some confounding factors in the existing research, and the conclusions are different.

    Therefore, during the current epidemic of SARI, it is necessary to study the clinical efficacy and safety of vitamin C for viral pneumonia through randomized controlled trials.

    Vitamin C Infusion for the Treatment of Severe 2019-nCoV Infected Pneumonia

    Vitamin C and SARS coronavirus

    Its not fake news. VC relationship with viruses like nCoV has been researched before. It must have some value to warrant repeated investigation.

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    I don't know the answer to this. All I know, is that the ONLY thing on earth that has ever been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to have a positive effect against the flu is garlic. Everything else is just placebo and to treat the symptoms. So I think if you wanted to use alchemy to combat Corona, a spagyrics of Garlic would probably be your best bet. And perhaps colloidal silver wouldn't hurt.

    And yes, there is a lot of bullshit around trying to get people to calm down and play cool with the virus. That is horse shit. Corona is a killer. And it is going to spread more and more globally. Not only that, but it is capable of mutations and worse still, it has been genetically engineered.

    How do I know that it was genetically engineered...

    Well.... I'm glad you asked.....

    Regular diseases that are birthed through natural causes have certain conditions in which it thrives and certain conditions in which is does.

    Aka, it might have a particular resistance in cold climates or it may prefer to thrive closer to the equator. This disease is capable of thriving anywhere, tense it's global pandemic status.

    How do they engineer a disease that can survive anywhere? Easily actually. All you have to do is heat up a sample of the virus to the point where 70% of it dies. Then, the 30% that survived is breed and multipliedup again, and the cycle is repeated until 100% of the virus survives the set temperature. Then they increase the best. The same goes for cold temperatures and many other conditions such as radiation exposure.

    Also, a great way to find really wacky new strains of things is to stick it in a microwave. Seriously. You microwave it for a little bit and breed up what survives and repeat and you WILL see mutations arise.

    It's so easy to make a biotech weapon. The conorna is just a trial run. Wait until they release smallpox 2.0

    That's the one you have to be ready for. That shit will near make the whole world extinct and yes, it's coming sometime in the next 150years. (They've already made it btw, both Russia and American have it.)
    If at first you don't succeed....

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    Wildfire Guest
    I don't know what living silver is, but colloidal silver is a suspension of silver nanoparticles and I have the method for making it. Apparently lots of people claim that colloidal silver and ionic silver are the same thing. No they are not the same. Ionic silver can quickly give you argyria (turns your skin blue forever) and colloidal silver won't (although I hear from some experts that it will). Colloidal silver is the best antibiotic/antivirus that there is. You can use it topically or ingest it. I just made a batch of it here.

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    SCIENTIFICALLY proven to have a positive effect against the flu is garlic
    Egyptians loved it.

    How do I know that it was genetically engineered.
    Its origin is sketchy, that it jumped species so fast.

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    Wildfire Guest
    You are 1000000% correct elixirmixer and I agree with you wholeheartedly on this matter. Thanks for the info on the vitamin C. Yeah my wife is Chinese and she's into politics galore. Everyone is saying that the virus was engineered in a lab. Specifically speaking the P4 lab in Wuhan. China didn't have that capability before. It was the French who gave it them (against USA's wishes and better judgement). The USA at the time said that it wouldn't be wise to provide China with such a facility being that in the future they could use it to engineer bio weapons. Well... said and done their word came to pass exactly as they predicted it would. Now we are all living the consequences of someone's mistakes. The thing is it blew up on their faces and leaked all over the world. Fortunately, it is a disease that athough spreads like wildfire (no pun intended) it doesn't have a very high mortality rate like HIV or ebola. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese used that damn P4 lab again to engineer other more sinister shit. My wife and I agree that the USA should nuke the shit out of China and destroy that communist regime once and for all. Russia and Iran too for that matter. Only once communism is dead for good can the world enjoy some real peace.

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    Wildfire Guest
    I tried making garlic spagyric but failed miserably. Mr Steve Kalec had successfully done it once but he told me that it stank to high heavens LOL. So he didn't dare to try it. The easier way he found around it was to toast a slice of bread and rub garlic on it or make garlic butter. One word of caution I must say from personal experience. Garlic in large quantities can lead to stomach problems.

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    Colloidal silver and living silver is not the same thing.
    There's also confusion between colloidal silver and ionic silver.

    1. Ionic silver are silver salts dissolved in water. Ionic silver WILL kill you.
    2. Colloidal silver is nano-sized particles suspended in solution. Colloidal silver is good for you, some say it can cure the corona virus and other ailments.
    3. Living silver is our Stone, it is infinitely better than colloidal silver if you know how to make it. It also turns lead into silver.
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    Silver is antibacterial and antimicrobial.
    Sadly, it isnt antiviral. It can help with an infection, but the virus will run its course.

    Personally, I'd go straight to nature: propolis.
    Its a resin that bees themselves make, and the tincture of it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and most importantly antiviral. It has a lot of uses.

    Personally I think its being overly hyped. But im more interested in how far China is willing to play the game they are. (Controlling the WHO, and now using media propaganda to try and say the US caused this as a biological weapon against them. Etc )

    All is One.
    Godís in His Heaven, Allís right with the World.

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