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Thread: Colloidal metals

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    Colloidal metals

    I thought I'd share a bit about colloidal metals. You can probably find a lot of info on colloidals of many different metals. The word colloidal means a suspension. Tiny particles of metals (ideally mono-atomic, but rarely so the case) floating in a liquid (usually distilled water).

    Many of us have seen different colloidals on the internet. Colloidal gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, zinc, magnesium, platinum and oat (lol oats). But there's a problem with these as far as I am concerned. Colloidal gold and silver can be made safe to drink. It is not a complicated process but one that requires some understanding of basic chemistry. There are risks and consequences of making colloidal gold and silver in the wrong manner.

    If you just do an electrolysis on silver you are making ionic silver. Ionic silver is bad for you. Some say it can kill you (I don't know about that), but many say it'll give you argyria which means that your skin turns permanently blue and there's no cure for it. While it is an esthetic problem, it is one that no one wants to live with (who wants to date the hulk's cousin?). Colloidal gold made in the wrong manner can produce gold chloride which is highly toxic and poisonous and if not done completely can lead to large particle size (undesirable and ineffective).

    Both colloidal gold and colloidal silver need reducing agents to make them drinkable as well as a slightly alkaline medium. Both need to be done under heat (especially gold). Colloidal silver should be anywhere from light yellow to dark brown depending on the concentration of silver particles measured in ppm (parts per million mg/L). Colloidal gold is only acceptable in ruby red color as it provides the smallest particle size possible (3-5 nano-meter if I remember). With respect to other colloidals hmm... they're off according to some (experts). You see... other metals don't form colloids for example copper when heated and done in electrolysis produces copper hydroxide which is a great fungicidal for plants lol.

    The problem with other metals is that there's no known reducing agent that is not harmful to our health that we can use. Can we drink it? I have and honestly I didn't feel bad afterwards. How much have you taken and for how long? hmm... I'd say I took 1/2 to 1 oz everyday along with magnesium and zinc. That went on for about 1/2 year to 1 year. I was feeling like superman. Did I know that it wouldn't form colloids at that time? Nope. I took it on blind faith. Not a very smart thing to do but it worked as far as I can tell (i guess I was just lucky). I am still alive and well and it's been 6 years after that. Do I recommend it? that's up to you. You know your needs.

    I do recommend studying the effects that each of these metals have in the human body and at what levels they become toxic to you (toxicology). We all have and need these metals in the body BUT... WORD OF CAUTION=> you are messing with the body's chemistry by taking these colloidals other than silver and gold (even silver and gold have toxicological limits). I know that tin is a particularly toxic metal that exists in the human body in very small quantities. Oh BTW colloidal oats is just to be used outside of the body for people who have eczema for example.

    For those of you who will ask is it the same as oil of the same metals? No it isn't. Oil of metals is mineral alchemy done under intense heat and dry distillation. It uses the metals to produce carrier oils from it. Colloidals are supposed to be the actual metals in suspension (very tiny particles of it). And they act differently. If produced accurately, oils of metals are way more effective in my humble opinion than colloidals. Neverhteless, colloidals are also powerful susbtances to take.

    One thing is for sure colloidals deliver the metals much faster to the body than dry suplement form. Health Canada has banned colloidals from supplement shops for a reason. Now all you can find is dry or gel capped stuff at best. Oh and guys there's no such thing as colloidal mercury, lead or aluminum as these are extremely toxic metals to the human body that should NOT be in there.

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