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Thread: New Member -- Doc McFly

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    Mar 2020

    New Member -- Doc McFly

    Hello fellow alchemical travellers!

    My name is Jeff, and I am a dentist by trade, and have been diving deep into the alchemical arts since finding the Kybalion about 15 years ago.

    I am in the process of bringing my collected knowledge into the physical through spagyria. Currently, I am working on my skill in calcination, mostly of tinctured herbs, some post-EOD, some dried, some fresh.

    The transpersonal aspects of alchemy are what fascinate me the most. The fact that I can learn so much about myself, who I am, and where I've been, through the process of working spagyrically with plants, is one of the most powerful tools I've ever discovered. I am honored to have been guided to this path.

    I am a reasonably good singer/songwriter, and I dabble in Sidereal Astrology.
    I have a You Tube channel on this topic called "JerryD's Sidereal Astrology" where I make weekly videos about where the stars actually contrast to mainstream astrology which has disconnected itself from the Heavens.

    I hope I can add something valuable to the discussions here, and I'm looking forward to enriching my learning, and broadening my perspective and worldview.

    Thank you all for having me, and I look forward to some lively interactions!

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    Jul 2018
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    the kybalion helped me with telekinesis. u see, i got the keys.
    in 10 years im going to war and my telekinetic abilities will create a force shield to protect me from bullets.

    the force vader uses is the force i have, i cant stop hearts yet but when i can, and when i master neidan, i am ultimately free since no one, no nation can oppose me, and i need nothing from any one or nation ever again... practical lab work...? when you can master neidan?

    Listen. You master within you master the external.

    One of my goals, is to obtain Earth Oil and transmute it just to see what happens.
    Will Earth's brother Pearth, or Chaderth will come thru?

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    Feb 2020
    Welcome, Doc McFly, have fun!

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    Aug 2016

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    Jul 2012
    Bridger Mountains
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    Welcome to the Forum!
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Jun 2011
    Welcome Doc McFly

    I would enjoy hearing more on your lab work.

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    Feb 2020
    Well-come Doc!

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