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Thread: Incantation (April 23 - May 7)

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    OK, this Incantation Cycle has ended today, with the Full Moon in Scorpio.

    Here is the musical version of this Incantation:

    Hear/download Audio HERE.

    The Words of the Incantation can be read and downloaded HERE as PDF. Print/share it freely if so inclined.

    If you want to use the video or the audio in podcasts, etc., PM/message/email me for explicit permission and play it entirely, with no editing, and mention the creators (

    This Incantation is a very powerful and multi-layered "spell", particularly crafted to Empower the Individual and to Generate a Synchronized Wave of Magical Intent, especially if chanted in unison by large numbers of people world-wide, simultaneously. There are however no hidden meanings and no "hidden agendas", other than Reclaiming One's Personal Sovereignty.

    Although there is no "scientific proof" (???) for this, we chose to tune all the instruments in this musical rendering to A = 432 HZ, as opposed to the current standard of 440 Hz. It just sounded so much better.


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