Hello everybody, welcome to the "Thunder" way thread!

I found nice correspondences between several ways in which some thunder or lightning are implied, but not the r+c rainwater path... i will simply start by quoting texts, and adding few small comments here and there. When i manage to translate more i will post later on.

Here is an interesting find from Jakob Bohme's "Apology against Balthasar Tilken":

If we look at the two quoted texts, we can see that they are somewhat different in nature... The upper one, Proverb 18, seems to be concerning more of moral issues; the lower one, at the base of the castle, Psalm 18, seems much more allegorical.

Paraphrasing the Psalm 18:

It appears that there is a Stone where God lives in, that is our refuge, stronghold and our trumpet for our salvation.

We start with the Death of the Subject, the Earth trembled and Quaked, smoke and fire came out of there, burning Coals jumping out.

First, darkness and clouds appear, and he flies away with the fire angel; with His presence brightness, clouds, hailstones and Lightnings came.

He shot arrows, and drove thunders, again and again, and the waters became darker.

Finally the Bottom of the Sea is visible, the Cornerstone of the world.

Then, God lies his hand on it, and then raised me from the Bottom of the Sea, and liberated the purest from there, he bring me in the Wide Sea.
Then, a series of moral instructions, and blessings follow, until the end where we find a prayer which sounds like this:

"Hail the Lord, and my Stone be blessed, may the day of my salvation be blessed".
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This is very very interesting, i don't know what others may think about the subject but it sounds very similar to a bunch of other works. Let's see some:

Extraits out of Philosophiia Hermetica:

From this impure and disorderly mass,
God made Heaven earth and creature.
All is needed is Gold, Silver, and [later] a mercurial water,
through the art and nature, extract from power into act.
Pay attention: all that we need in this science is simply our unknown Mercury,
which is a living universal unborn spirit, that by our Chaos
may be extracted by the common Mars,
oh our great Mercury humid and warm,
not common, for each hour it gets fixer in fire.

Take of our universal Chaos,
not more than equal Martial part,
give all this to Pluto master of art,
he will divide the pure from the impure
this is our radical humidity
our dry water congealed,
the mighty dragon, the lion green called.

[-reiteration here-]

Our lion will grow brighter more,
seven times i showed him his Star
And he grew always more and more beautiful.
In the last working he was as fusible as wax.
Elucidations by the adept, and note that in Damascus a special steel was prepared:

It is true that inside the Damascus Field, that Virgin Earth is found, the unique matter of this Magistry; i will add.

Virgin Earth, that never saw Sun nor Moon, even if it has Sun and Moon inside of herself.

I learned following nature in this way, sublimating the chaos like the philosophers, to reach the perfection. I may say, our Gold, will not always resolve itself into his Water; sometimes because the Gold is not of best quality. So just tell me, the shape of your Vase, of the last fixation.

When the shape is that of the Chicken, it has got the Mercury, with Sulfur inside and all what is necessary to the Magistry, then like the Hen we must do, no other than keeping the water warm enough, with natural heat, eventually adding some more, when the Infant, or Dragon who is inside, starts nurturing of her, keeping always the right proportion.

There lies the whole difficulty; how the fecies be again purified and unite with the waters, this is quite different than knowing the matter.
From Kirrcher's vocabulary:

Arès: it gives nature and particular shape to each species, each different from the other, when it appears in plants.

Astrum: Celestial Star, in analogy with its power and nature, it's symbol for how elements become after elaboration. The Star of Mercurius, is his sublimation, which makes the matter astral. Sulfur becomes astral whan that ascends; similarly solution of salt, operated by the same, becomes the Star of salt.

Barnasas: Salt of the rock, urine of the salt of the rock.

Mercurius of minerals: oily essence extracted by means of Gold and Silver.
From Hermetical Renaissance Art:

In order to gain the bright purity, we need to unite the two opposites, namely the male, sulphureous philosophical Satyr, with the female mercurial Satyr, to gain the union in the Philosophical Mercurius, vital principle mother of the Fluid Elixir.

The emblem of the fire is represented by this illustration: "I came to put fire in the earth, and what do I want, if not that it burns?" (L. 49:12). This fire is the "forming Form".

The water is an aqua permanens and blood of the salt, namely that angelic urine of the Sky.
Now this is not regarding the same path, but it describes very well a part of this way, so, from E. Canseliet:

Subjugated to disgregating action of lunar rays, the "caput mortuum" becomes an ash in fire, or rather a dusty earth, and perfumed, at the meantime living and fertile, which is now ready to give his Sulfur to the mercury.

As Jesus Christ got crucified and killed on the Golgota, the "place of the skull" where we also must put the matter in the cross-ible... INRI. May be the salt of the stable/grotto...

The book is the foliated earth, the new life, with the precious sulfur hidden inside.

From the mirror of truth:

When fire has an action on ashes, after the extraction of the salt, there is left only earth. But the vivifying fire, according to the Sages, is such that it doesnt overcome the internal fire of the matter, but only moves it; because if the inner fire should be overcome, there could not follow any union, because the excessive heat would burn and spoil the matter; as Plato says in De Sonante.

The fire must not be that of compost, to be too light, nor be that of charcoals, or it be too violent, but it must be digesting, continuative, not violent, aeral, enclosing, altering, not burning and such as we look for, and as Pontanus tells: it must participate of the nature of sulfur. [...]

Air thus exists close to earth, that it completely imbibes, this condensed humor, for the native heat, converts in a kind of "virgin earth", with sulfur and mercury proportionated inside; this may be only seen by those bodies that partake of its nature.

The common mercury is that which is common to the whole of life; the true solution, viz. the incorruptible celestial water, that necessitates and dominates elements, we look for; from whence as first matter, vegetables and minerals get their origins.

This celestial water penetrates the center of the myst, looks for life and by his virtue separates purifies and pushes things from power to act, so the body will again vegetate and the strength of what is above will descend and acquire perfection.

So if, the first body by the spirit gets deprived of the soul, and this two get purified, than again unite, only then the dead body will be a regenerated body finally, new, revivified; to no corruption again it will be subject, because it will become true celestial "quintessence".

Finally i will say that regeneration nothing is if not separation of the corrupt and restituition of the un-corrupt; annihilating of death and reintegration of life; removing the elemental virtues and the following of celestial and quintessential ones.
From Golden Chain:

Charcoal is a volatile earth pushing upward in gunpower. [...]

As the coal when burned in strong fire becomes ashes, loosing one part that goes in smoke, we understand that it is composed of a fixed alkaline part, and a relatively volatile fraction, very tingent partaing of the nature of sulfur.

There is also a similar work (or rather analogical) which was conducted in a different way, but may be brought to the same final result in a way more parteining to this Thread's one; i am speaking of Balduin's hermetic phosphorus.

This isn't real elemental phosphorus, but a compund named calcium nitrate, which partakes in phosphorus' luminescent properties, namely lime-light. This is also a highly soluble and delinquescent, magnes luminaris, lapis luminaris; this is also quoted by J.H. Cohausen in lumen novum phosphoris accensum, which considers as cause of lights to be the phosphors, either natural or artificial.

Leaving the matter exposed to the air for several days it will become the magnet for spiritus mundi, reflecting Sunrays like a mirror, or lens, that will become fertilized by celestial influences.

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Maybe it is not very clear all this seemingly random stuff and links, but with some variegated, wide spectrum, past lab experimentations in your wizard-bag i think you will be able to make the links "sound" in a harmonic way.

There is an actual curious change in the chemistry of the subject, and if all prepared well a change in smell with gain of a peculiar scent will also occur. Several other authors wrote on the subject, but not many wrote about the necessary rectification following the main work, which is bit dangerous but quite easy actually. This is not the super miraculous wonderous unique stone, but a mercurial preparation, effectively used in our family now, it is great per se, but may be continued to a more complex substance. It has all been symbolically described here, but if it is not clear i hope i may be useful to any questions regarding the subject.

I will farewell with a very talkative image depicting the Thunder, the "pontic water" with the natures of the Gold and Silver. I hope you will enjoy the topic,

With love.