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Thread: I need infos on the Essene's original processes.----

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    I need infos on the Essene's original processes.----

    Hi People.
    I have noticed that on many forums on Ormus and relate materials, very often the people talks about 'the Essene', the phantomatic alchemists that produced his potent version of the "Red Lion".Many people talks about details of his processes,but I'm not able to find the original sources anywere.
    It will be gratly appreciated if someone can post here some material.
    I would like to experiment in this way....
    I thank you in advance:.

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    Hi, this information might be of some help to you:

    The Essene: Well, why don't go over the procedure for just doing it. What I did is took one ounce of gold, put it into 700 ml [750 ml in a 1000 ml flask with screw top] of aqua regia, made with three parts hydrochloric acid and one part nitric acid. I boiled [about 140F/ 60C, not boiling] it in an Erlenmeyer flask till all the gold was dissolved.

    Barry: Did you cut the gold up or was it a coin?

    The Essene: It was a coin. When it was all dissolved I turned down the heat to about 140 degrees and I added formic acid;[ he didn't tell me about this part] approximately two ounces. I had 700 [750] ml of aqua regia in it and an ounce of gold. Then it frothed just like a glass of Seven Up; you see the little bubbles in coming up all over in it but there were a million of them. When they quit, all the nitrates were gone and then I evaporated it down to 100 ml. I added hydrochloric acid back up to 700 ml and evaporated it down again to 100. [three times]

    Mike: Concentrated hydrochloric acid? [37.5]

    The Essene: Concentrated. All of this is concentrated, no water added. Alright, after the third time down I filled it back up to 700 [750] and capped it with a solid seal. I left it at 121 degrees Fahrenheit for 21 days and nights. [with 1.5 grams of NaCl] [takes it to the white lion, Na3Au1, in 21 days.][7 days longer and another 1.5 grams of NaCl takes it to the green lion, Na-Au2] [7 days longer with another 1.5 grams of NaCl and it is the red lion, Na-Au3] [ all the time at 121F/49.5C] [Using K instead of Na also works]

    R: In the dark.

    The Essene: In the dark. After that time I opened the container which had the gold solution in it and I added one and a half grams of table salt. And then I sealed it up and left it set for another 21 days in the dark. Now when you took and swirled it around, you could see snowflakes all through it. Then I took and opened it up and added another one and a half grams of salt. Now it all turned forest green---dark green.

    Barry: Was it dark green solution, precipitate or what?

    The Essene: It was dark green solution, dark green everything. But you could still swirl it and see the green snowflakes in it.

    Here R brought out a mason jar with a very dark green--almost black--solution in it. It was so dark green that the only way you could tell that it was green was to slosh water up the sides and see the green it left there. The light from a flashlight would not pass through it.

    The Essene: It's turned a lot darker since I did it; it didn't start out quite that dark green. It just turned a darker green.

    R: It was an emerald green and it's gotten darker.

    The Essene: After it turned green and seven days were up, I added one and a half more grams of salt. It turned brick red.

    Barry: Now is that brick red the m-state? That's not the red lion is it?

    The Essene: It is the red lion.

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    Thanks Aleilius!
    Very interesting. Correct if I'm wrong:I suppose that the gold solution change color because the progressive subdivision of the size of the particles.The sodium chloride mantain the particles separated,also.But it is not clear to me why there is the formation of the 'snowflakes' in the solution....

    Seems that the text you posted come from the famous interview with the Essene.
    Do you have any link for the complete transcript?

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    Several people tried the process posted and it didn't work.

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    Thanks for the heads up Vlad!

    Cyrano: I also thought the color change was also associated with the particle size, but some will argue with you regarding this issue.

    As for the interview you'll have to ask Vlad. He sent it to me a long time ago, and honestly I should've asked him before posting this information here.

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    It was very interesting. Thanks Aleilius.
    This process seems quite alchemical, so, to explain it, you'll have to see it thought Hermes's eyes !

    My Works

    "I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy.

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    Many alchemists give only hints about their works;the renmant will come from the personal study of the subject.The difficult thing is when you try to take it as simple chemical process.There are may things involved,and some are unknow to us.Fortunately I have seen many spectacular facts abut alchemy that led me to continue on the path.And belive me,atomic transmutation and cellular regeneration are real things,but it goes beyond our understanding of the Universe...

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    Cyrano I absolutely agree with you. IMHO, everything you've mentioned is 100% true.

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    I'm not sure about chemical sources for formic acid, but it is
    the acid from ants (mentioned in French's "art of distillation"),
    or may be obtained from stinging nettles in the plant kingdom.

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    Formic acid is a common product used by the gold refiners to remove nitric acid from the gold solutions.

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