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Thread: Various experiments - Borax, NaOH, Sal Mirabilis

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    Various experiments - Borax, NaOH, Sal Mirabilis

    I did various experiments with Borax, NaOH, and Sal Mirabilis all done in a white ceramic crucible.

    1. The first one is with gold and sodium borate (borax) heated at 1000'C for 2 hours. It turned green.
    No noticeable change in weight of the gold, but the borax turned green.

    2. The second one is with NaOH for 20mins at 1200'C (1st picture), it turned blue, no change in weight to the gold. Then I did 2 hours at 1200'C (NaOH + Gold), no change in weight, the NaOH turned blue and formed a purple halo around the rim.

    3. The third one is with Sal Mirabilis and Gold at 1001'C for 24 hours, no change in weight of the gold, and no change in color to the Sal Mirabilis.

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    I guess without some good alkahest gold stays inert and sterile but at least you are doing the work instead of being an armchair alchemist like most of us here.
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