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Thread: Hudson's presentation Enota 2011

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    Hudson's presentation Enota 2011

    Even though most of you who were interested in Hudson's presentation in 2011 Enota have already seen it, for those who couldn't handle listening to it for over 2 hours, I place here my transcription of his talk.

    It's worth a read because Hudson put some pretty good stuff in there.

    Cherokee Gold presents A presentation by David R Hudson International Ormus Conference May 2011 Enota Resort Hiawassee, Georgia, USA

    Our family was involved in agriculture for years, and I was a cotton farmer. I had built my business up in the 1960s and 70s. We were actually farming extensive landholdings in Neumer valley and in the Phoenix area. The total operation of the family farm was about 7000 acres and was primarily cotton.

    But I got involved in a farm down in what was called Agua Caliente Arizona which is actually in the Arizona desert out between Illaben and Neumer right out in the middle of the desert. And it actually got its name from the Agua Caliente hot springs right there at the mountain next to my farm they have a hot spring and an old resort where in the 1920s and 30s the railroad trains would have to to stop to get steam water for the steam engines and they actually had a resort there where the tourists would get off and go bathe themselves in the hot springs and would rejuevenate and regenerate their bodies supposedly. Well I had a 1200 acre farm that I bought down there that had really serious problems with what we called black alcali. There were several fields down toward the Helly River that were really serious black alcali. And this looks like chocolate in the soil. Where you people here on the Eastern part of the United States have no idea what I am talking about because you have the opposite problems, but we have, its a chocolate crunchy material that is actually salt built up on the tops of our soils and when you plant like for example cotton, the cotton will actually germinate and will get up about five or six inches tall and just will be stunted, it wont grow any further. And you put water on the soil, and the water just beads up and stands on the soil as if there was actually oil in the soil, it will not go into the soil itself well and be retained in the soil. So at the time years ago there was a big copper mine in Aaho just south of Arizona called Caliente and they were giving away sulfuric acid if you would come down and pick it up and so I was paying truckers to go and haul truckloads of 92-93% sulfuric acid. Hey if a little does a little then a lot ought to do a lot. There is actually so much acidity and of course sulfuric acid when you say 93% is not really, it doesnt have water, but you inject in the soil and as you start irrigating the soil then the water will go across the ground and if the ripper marks where the sufuric acid went into the soil you get, you see frothing and foaming and suddsing and whooossshh as the water is going across the field. And this was my first introduction to actually making soluble salts. Now what we were doing is taking black alcali and adding sulfuric acid and making sodium sulfate. Which now is considered a white alcali, which then is water soluble, and will leech out of the soil, root zone of the plant. You can irrigate it and wash it out. Its kind of like the analagy of putting soap on your hands to get the grease off. You keep putting water on there, and it wont get the grease off, but if you put a little soap on there, now you get the grease off. Well that is what was happening with the sulfuric acid on the salty ground. Then, I, a few years later, got involved, well we actually had Jimmy Carter become our president, and he was just like the president that we have today, he was really a fella, that thought, that you can spend and spend and spend and spend money. Fortunately his idea was tax and spend and the current president says spend and tax. And so...but one of the problems that we were facing was tremendous inflation going on at that time, and when you are looking at 8-10% inflation every year, the cost of everything is just going up dramatically every year, and people were knowing this was going to happen, and were thinking that this was going to happen in advance, so they were pricing everything higher and higher all the time. And I got involved in thinking that it was possible that I could go into gold mining. And this was just a whim, and I never intended for this to have to make money I figured I had caterpillar bulldozers, I had earthmovers, I had road graders, I had front end loaders all on the farm anyway. And so I had the equipment, I could go up and start moving ore. And I found out there is a process called heap leaching where you, you take black plastic and you lay out on a pad, and you put all of this ore on top of the black plastic pad, and you put rainbert sprinklers up there, just like you use on your lawn, and you run a cyanide water solution over the ore, and it dissolves out the gold, and runs off the plastic pad onto a settling pond. And then you pump it back up and over, and pump it back up and over, and it keeps on running the cycle for days and days and days, and what happens is that the cyanide will dissolve the gold, and bring the gold out in solution, and then you run that solution through activated charcoal, and then back out and over the heap leach again. And so you are taking the gold out and over the carbon in this cycle. Anyway it is not important for you to learn how to heap leach cyanide gold, it is just that is what I was doing. And the concept of leaching a metal out of a dirt or a rock substance, and in Arizona our dirt is actually broken down rock. We dont really have top-soil like they do around here in this region, and so it just seemed the same thing to me, it was natural that I get involved in this.

    I just encountered some problems though when I started trying to recover the gold out of the activated carbon when we tried to strip the gold out and fire the material and melt it into a metal we had stuff that wasnt gold recovering with our gold. Now the gold was there but there was this other stuff that refused to go away it was ari>??? it was following the gold all through the system and I just became frustrated with the recoveries because it was actually when this material caused a problem with the fire assay it caused much of the gold to be lost and I said what in the heck is this and I had heard about tellurium and things like this that people had found in gold mining and I said I have got to find out what this problem material is. Well one of the fellows that was doing the fire assays for me, he handed me a book and ...and this book....I dont know if we can go? this book was actually published before page.... yeah, thats it...back right there..back one page.... This is the book that he handed me. It was called "The Analytical Chemistry of the Platinum Group Elements". Now for you people who really want to get involved in understanding the chemistry of the platiunum group elements...this is actually....the work was written by the Soviet Academy of Sciences. In the Soviet Union they have the Renanski Institute for precious metal research which is a division of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. And in the Soviet Union they fund government money to go to do research on the chemistry of this industry because it is a very important come of their income and source of money in the Soviet Union and so they funded this research as a governmental funded research for you know, 40 or 50 years and they are very proud of their research and so they published this in Russian. Well...I...not knowing how to read Russian, the Israeli program for Scientific Translations actually got a hold of this, of the information and actually translated it into English. And so you can order this book from the Israeli Program for Scientific Translations. And the whole book, and this is a book about this thick, is nothing but the analytical chemistry of the platinum group elements. Now let me tell you, anybody who wants to delve into that book, be prepared for a battle. In this book, you will find all sorts of information, it comes, there is actually six platinum group elements, and it comes at them from all aspects, including wet chemistry, including spectroscopy, including separation systems, including ion exchange resins, including solvent extraction, you know, everything. And for the average person, you know, you dont want to go there because it is a holly heck to wade through, you have got to be a technical person. But I decided I got to wade into this thing, it cant be that bad, so and I want to solve the problem. Well, in the book, I got to no back, back where you were.... no, thats it right 534. The Soviet Journal has a procedure in there for the analysis of lead alloys pertaining to the platinum group elements. And it was really interesting what they were doing, they were actually taking the sample and placing it onto a carbon electrode, striking an arc from another carbon electrode, and the burning the sample. Now in the United States, they do a DCR emmison spec burn the same way, except they only burn for 15-20 seconds, and everybody here says that everything has read that is going to read, and that is the standard thinking here in this country. If the Soviets say that in the first 45 seconds nothing reads but lead, and it is only when you get to 50-70 seconds that paladium will begin to read. The lowest temperature, the lowest vapourizing platinum metal and if you continue the burn, then ruthenium, rhodium and platinum begin to read, and you know, this is the temperatures that they begin to vapour off away it is kind of like boiling off water away from oil and you know they go off in sequence according to the vapourisation temperature, and it goes all the way to 175 seconds when theyre taking off you know rhodium, platinum, iridium and osmium and so .....if you go back now to the one before.... all right....and so we had a fellow in the pheonix area and his name was Seigfreid Bremer. Now Siegfried Bremer, you could hardly understand his english, he had a very heavy german accent. And he had been training as a spectroscopist over in Germany and this is his resume and I bring this only for people can see from 1939-1945 he was doing the public school in West Germany, 1945-51 high school, 1951-54 Dorchman...I dont know this is all german, a whole bunch of german words. Anyway in West Germany in the state of prac got a theoretical training, and then his work history 1954-59 he was production and quality contol technician at Dorchman Norder German, anyway he got a certificate and he was a technical chemist at blah blah Candida Limited, 1966-68 he was a chief supervising inspector chemist at WW Kramer and Company spelled the refiners of metals coppers and alloys, 68-70 Inspector Chemist with Martin Hereietic metals division. Anyway, you can see his credentials here and it is just very immense, the guy has done a whole bunch of work, all with big companies. And he had letters of recomendation, but I am not letting you see all that because it is too long, but everybody wrote him great reviews when he left the company and all, and he is really a good spectroscopist. So, at the very end when he retired as a chief Spectro-chemist at Metals Technology in California he actually was building and designing spectro-chemical equipment. And he was actually constructing equipment to do the DC arc emission spec analysis. And he was given the machine that he had designed and built for the company to sell, they had an order for this huge big machine that had a three and a half meter arc on the disperssion which means the light is broken up to 3 1/2 meters the side, the line spectra can be seen over 3 1/2 meters. Now this is a huge instrument people, to give you a perspective, most universities have maybe a meter to a meter and a half, he had a three and a half meter instrument... huge big machine. And what this gives you the ability, is to shoot the spectrum and divide the lines way far apart, the greater the arc, the greater you can separate the spectral lines to determine what you really have. And I went over to him with those Soviet texts and I said this is what I want you to run for me. And he said, oh that is not necessary. He said, we germans are the best. He said, we know metallurgy, that is just Soviet, no good. And anyway, if you have ever dealt with a german technical person, theyre extremely arrogant and extremely matter of fact. Well, they are some of the best, people, they really are. But you gotta deal with them as people.

    Anyway, he said, you will have to buy all the standards, you will have to pay for modifying my machine to do the long burn times, you will have to pay for me to do this work, and then when I do it, you will have to pay for my time and everything and then I will tell you what I get. And I says, fine, I will pay for it. So it cost me like $3500 for the very first run of material. But the sample I bought to him, it read these elements. And he was totally flabbergasted....and if you go forward, here it is.... anyway this right here, the GW sample June 21st 1982, you see platinum 0.05-0.3%, not ounces per tonne, percent. Iridium is major, now by major, he goes only up to I think 3%, no here is one at 5% Now by major, he is saying that it is over 5%. It is beyond what I am calibrated to read. To read that accurately, I would have to actually dilute the sample down and make it emit in a lower amount because it is beyond my capability to read the amount. The osmium is 0.3-1.5%, Rhodium is major, Ruthenium is major. Anyway....of course this is all the other....cadmium...cesium...he didnt....and iron of course is a higher amount.... Anyway, he just said, Dave, these elements can not exist in the quantities that are reading. Everybody knows that, now, for perspective I need to tell you that the best known mine in the world is in South Africa. And these people go a half mile underground and work underground at a half mile to get ore that has one third of one ounce of all the platinum metals in it. One third of one ounce per tonne, and this sample right here was actually an acid dissolution of a rock, on the side of a mountain. Now he had no idea how I produced this, he just know I came to him with a sample. But he was reading numbers, and the amazing thing about this people, is if you go to a spectroscopist, he will say maybe it was interference, maybe it really wasnt these elements. When you do the long burn time, everything reads in the first 15-20 seconds, and then it goes quiet nothing is reading for 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, 60 seconds, and then when it starts to read palladium, nothing else is reading, and then when the palladium stops reading here comes the.....I dont know what is next.....rhodium?? Anyway, they read in the sequence of their vapourisation temperatures. And so you have to boil one completely off before the next one starts coming, and when the next one is coming off, nothing else is coming off, there is no way to say there is any masking, there is no way to say there is interference, no way to say that impurities caused the reading, because nothing else is reading but these elements. So he accused me, well he didnt accuse me, he asked me not to get in his lab. He said, get out, go away. Hey, I didnt know what I had done, I had just, I paid for everything, what is the big deal? Anyway, he wanted to check all of this, make sure it was right, so, it was about 4 weeks later when I heard from him again, and finally his wife calls me up, and she says, Ya Mr Hudson, Ziggy wanted me to call you and tell you that he needs to meet with you. So, I come back over and he is just, well I checked this, and these elements really are here. And he says, this is unbelieveable. I says, yes, I know. Well, I took him many other samples too, the exact same material prepared various different ways. And every one read, no platinum metals. And it is the very same material off the mountain, the very same material prepared different ways. Only when I prepare it the very specific way I prepared this, did it read. So people, it is not the long burn time like a lot of people thought when they read this before, that you have to burn burn burn burn burn till you get this so hot it will come off. No, it has to be prepared correctly before it will read. OK, now there are some misunderstandings from when I talked the first time. I talked about this and people said, oh, it is that long burn time. No, it is not the long burn time, it is the specific preparation of the material that must be performed chemically first before you take it for analysis. OK, and I know now that the terminology you will hear here, is that, you kill it. You have to take the living material and kill it first, and that is what I was doing, I was killing it, but I didnt know it at the time, I was just following procedures outlined in the Soviet Academy of Sciences. They said, this is the way you precipitate...the full on procedure...well I used that procedure to precipitate before I took it to Ziggy. But I was killing it, and without knowing it at the time. I was actually taking it to a pinned state, where it wasnt in this high spin state, anyway, lets go on.

    All right.....once we had done the spectroscopy, I did this for 6 or 7 months, did all sorts of analysis with Ziggy, Ziggy became very arrogant. He said, look at what I can do, I can prove that these elements exist, I am going to be famous. And so he goes over to Germany and he talks to all of his spectroscopical friends, and there was actually articles written in magazines about him over in Germany, that he could, he had discovered these naturally occuring platinum metals here in Arizona. But he could never find anything that would analyse anywhere close to what he had analysed from me, he analysed the best material he found, was analysing 10-12 ounces per tonne. OK, mine was like 2800-2900 ounces per tonne, okay, big difference.

    Anyway, he said Dave, you know, I am gonna work, I am gonna take this, I am gonna promote, I am gonna raise money. He went to the Las Vegas area and he worked with people up in Nevada, and then after working with the people in Nevada then I heard the information had moved up to Oregon and Washington area. I mean just amazing how it like spider webbed out the information, after he started promoting with it. Unfortunately Zeigfried Bremer has died and he isnt with us anymore, but he is part of my history so I....

    One of the problems we had, and I really, I really cant be more specific, I want you to understand this. Is the procedure according to the Soviet Academy of Sciences Renanski Institute for precious metal research, that when you get the elements separated, you do the hydroxide precipitation, you drop it out of solution as a hydroxide, you filter it, water wash it, then you put this into a tube furnace, and a tube furnace is actually a quartz tube, glass tube, it can be from this size to this size. But the tube goes through a furnace that has a round opening in it, and you actually put the tube inside the furnace and you take this little porcelin boat, or some people use metal boats, but porcelin, fire clay or whatever, but we were using high temperature porcelin boats. Put the powder that you have just taken out of the solution, you put it in the boat, you take a little metal pusher, and you push the boat into the center of the furnace, with the helium going, and you put a stopper in the tube, and then you hook up a glass line and then a rubber hose that brings oxygen, argon, hydrogen, whatever gas you want. Well according to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, heated under oxygen up to 800 degrees, and it forms an oxide, and then you put an inert gas in there, usually argon, to get all the oxygen out, and then you put hydrogen in. And then you hydrogen reduce it for 15-20 minutes, and then you cool it down under hydrogen if you want a hydrogen compound, and when you want all the hydrogen out, then you cool it under an inert gas like argon or helium. You cool it down to ambient temperature and then you reach in, take the cork out, reach in take the sample out, put it on a scale and weigh it.

    Okay, we did this, but when we hydrogen reduce and then cool it under argon, we pull it out in the air, and we took the cool sample which is now room temperature and then placed it on a scale, we have a little digital scale that weighs down to micrograms, and put it on the scale. But the weight on the scale, the numbers are just running like this, like a slot machine. The weight is changing continually, and John says to me, Dave, when do I record the weight? Now?.... Now?.... And, you know, this is just driving this PhD crazy. He says Dave, this just, this makes no sense. Well, if you actually take the sample and put it under a stereoscope, a microscope, you know two, three diemsional microscope, you actually can see the, it is actually forming crystals and growing while youre looking, in front of your eyes.

    And what it is, is that the element is so reactive, that it reacts with the air, and so it is pulling oxygen and nitrogen and water, out of the air, and growing crystals right here before your eyes, and you can see it moving and turning and twisting as they form.

    It is alive, you know, it's crazy. And John says, you know Dave, we have to get the real world, this is just like an approximation. This is not science.

    And yet we are following the procedure that we are supposed to be following right?

    <Question from audience> Did you see any pyramid shapes?

    I have seen more octagon shaped crystals than you can ever imagine. Anyway, there is every shape in there, because there is all the elements were in there and depending on the element you are working with is what the shape was but, it was very reactive is the point people, and it is actually hydroscopic, it picks up moisture, and water crystallization, and it's continous, it continues on and on and on and on for an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, the counter is still changing. And so you really get frustrated. And I said, John, this is after months of this. every day, we will try and weigh some of it. Now, you can imagine the frustration, I am trying to do good solid science, and I said, there has got to be a real world here someplace. He said, Dave, there is an instrument, there is an instrument available commercially that was developed for the aerospace industry, it is called thermo-gravi-metric analysis. And this machine is actually made out of a glass tube, pyrex tube, but inside the tube it has a heating element, and actually it is a coil, bifilar would coil, so that the field, the heat, actually cancel each other. And it has a little balance scale inside the heating area, where you can put a sample in there, under a controlled atmosphere, you could oxidise it, hydrogen reduce it, put an inert gas on it, whatever you want, and then it never hits the atmosphere. Never sees air or never sees the outside atmosphere. And you can weigh it while you oxidise it, weigh it while you hydrogen reduce it, weigh it while you put the argon on it, and then weigh it as you cool it down. I said, at least we will learn what it really is when we hydrogen reduce it, right? How much does it cost? Well they are about $350,000. And I said, well, I tell you what, can we lease them? And he says, yeah, you can actually go to Perk & Elmer and they will lease one to you by the month And I said lets lease one, I'll bring it in. So I brought this thermo-gravi-metric analysis machine in, and John actually hired a Masters Chemist from England that had specialised in operating analytical equipment, he says, because this machine was all computer controlled. So actually, when you start the program, it will actually all on computer, run the valves, run the gases, control the heat, and whatever heating ray you can program into it, turn on gases or what temperature you want turned on, go off in your tub, go off and it is all computer controlled. But he needed somebody who could undestand computers, and most of us guys were not really computer literate, like I still am, NOT computer literate.

    So this lady again, I cant remember where her name rang...kind of Jan something.... I cant remember her last name. Anyway, she came in to run the TGA, now, when you lease this TGA, they actually give you analytical standards, they can actually put in the machine and check the machine with these standards, and they tell you exactly what time, what temperature and the compound beginning to break down and what the weight change should be, and then what higher temperature continues to break down and what the weight change will be. And you put the standard in to check the machine. And we put standards in to check the machine, and everything worked really beautiful. So then we actually used the MP pan and we ran it to see, and everything went, it is just nothing changed, it always just stayed constant temperature. And when we put, and this was actually an iridium sample, and this is actually the transparency I used last time I spoke, that this Iridium sample, there was 10.55 milligrams, which is not a big sample, it is a relatively small amount of material, on the boat, and we start heating it, and down at the bottom, at the bottom is the temperature, and it goes up to about 8....850 degrees approximately. Okay, and here is percentages, 100%, 75%, 50%, okay. So when we start heating at basically ambient temperature here, we start heating it, and immediately, the weight of it drops slightly, so by the time we got to 150-160 degrees, basically the hydrogen was gone from the sample, then it stays fairly constant, for, to right here is about what ...600...something like that, about this time, you see hiccups, but generally what happens is it drops off, down to here. Now this is going from 100%, down to like 60...what..that is 75-50...that is about 60-something percent...55-60%. Just in the first heating. Now people, I cant explain this weight change when it was occuring. This was a dramatic weight change under an inert gas. That's the way this should be right there, and if we just stopped right there, everything went fine. But we continued....and here it goes down here.

    Well, then I, then we decided, well lets cool it down from this temperature. This is the cool down, all right, now unfortunately when you start to go backwards, where ever you are when you start, that becomes 100%. Because it is going this way now, okay. Well, really ignore what this reads over here, the important thing is, where ever we when we stopped the inert gas. That is where we started this graph, cooling down. And we are cooling in this direction, going this way, and look at this. Now, we are doing the cooling at 2 degrees per minute, which is very slow. When you are at 800 degrees, 2 degrees per minute. That is a lot of minutes, for between there and there is what...340-350. Do you realise how long that is? <inaudible question from audience> Yeah..degrees centigrade yeah. Labaratory people always talk in centigrade, I grew up with farenheit, but all the labatory people talk in centigrade. Anyway, do you realise where that goes? if you project that all the way up here? And then it collapses, look at how far that goes. Now, everybody just said, well there is something wrong with this machine. Something has gone wrong, there is just, not reality here. And you know, that does happen, so we said, we gotta check this. But just out of curiosity, once it has settled down here, this is actually the same place it ended before. See where you started right there and cool, actually, right there is stable. Other than that one hiccup, which lasted about 4 or 5 minutes, it is basically stable. I said, well, I will tell you what, dont take it out, lets just heat it again. All the time we are under this inert gas and it doesnt say what it was, what gas, but I am sure it was helium, it was argon or helium, one of the two. So now lets just start right there, and lets heat it again. So this is now the starting point, 100%, which is actually 50-something percent, lets start again. We start heating, and everything is fine for a while, and then these hiccups start again. Look right here at this hiccup, yeah now this is going down, now if you look at it, it is actually getting less, and less, and less, and less weight, and then it goes right back to where it should be. And then less, and less, and less weight and then it just collapses right back. Now this is a strange, I mean, you gotta understand this is data, and ask me, say, what does this mean? Anyway, and then as we are getting hotter, it is just jumping all over the place. Now these jumps right here, believe it or not are taking probably 1.2 degrees per minute, and we are actually going up abount 40 degrees, so this was what, 40 degrees at 1.2 degrees per minute, how many minutes is that? Anyway, these little hiccups are a long time, even though it looks like a little hiccup, it was actually down there for a long time before it came back to the level again. And there seems to be kind of a standard level in here that always drop back to, but it actually would do these things. And I said, all right, cool it down again, lets just do this again.

    Well, the next slide, this is the second cooling. Now when we started, happened to be right there, well actually, it was actally on a less than the baseline point, though this is actually the baseline right here.

    Okay but there is where we started, so it actually went way, way, way, way up to there and then collapsed back down. Now that is 150%, which is actually about what we started with. These weights here, are not real, it cant be real, right? But that is what it is reading, but look at how far they are doing it, it is actually down, almost to 200 degrees before it quits doing it. And the porko rhinus thing is just saying, this cant be, this just cant be. Actually, well I will tell you what, lets just keep going. Well you can imagine we killed like half a day already, you know, lets go again. Lets heat it again, so, lets go to the next slide.

    All right, this is the third heating. Start off heating and everything is going along fairly stable, and then they start. And then look at this right here, it weighs less than nothing. It doesnt weigh nothing, it weighs less than nothing. And let me tell you something people, this is pyrex glass, you can see right through this, clear as a window. But when there is less than nothing, we look at the pan and there is nothing in the pan.

    Well, there is a reason for it, and what it is, is if you understand about superconductivity and flux fields, it is actually a flux field that we are talking about here, and it is building, building, building a field, and then it collapses, it collapse instantaneously. And then it start building again, and then it collapse, it collapse instantly, and then starts building again. But it actually is flux that is interacting with magnetic field. However, the magnetic field is not supposed to exist here because this machine has bi-filar wound heating elements, and there is no magnetic field produced by the machine, per se. The only magnetic field we are talking about, is the Earths magnetic field. So I said, something, something is just, didnt make any sense, this is, well it really wasn't that after all, but we will get to that in our presentation evening. All right, lets go again, this is before heating, and you can see, by the time it gets up to around 200 degrees, it is starting to do this. Now at 200 degrees, now look, it is weighing less than nothing. If the pan was in it, the pan is zero. And it weighs less than the pan weighs if it didnt have anything in it. Once again, and it is not there. You can not see it in the pan, it is gone, and its weighable mass is gone, and the pan it is sitting-in's mass is partly gone. Now that is spooky.

    All right, cool it down, now once again we started, so we are way down here, so anyway this is the cooler down, now look at these, these peaks that are going on. Well you see that everytime we are doing it, we are moving it further and further toward ambient temperature, is the point. By annealing it, we are actually coming closer, and closer, and closer to room temperature. Anyway, lets go, do we have anymore on this now, we should, is there a 5th one? Go to the next one. All right, here is the 5th heating, and then do we have a 5th cool down? And this is the 5th cool down.

    Anyway, this material is, was just mindboggling, we must have ran this to 80 or 90 times. We actually ran it and before we finished we devised a little finger that we could put inside the machine, that when the material was gone, it would wipe through the pan and come back, just like a windshield wiper, to ensure that maybe it was there and just vibrating at frequencies we could not see with our eyes. So we wiped through the pan, and then brought it back, and it was there. So it really left, <audience member calls out something> it really was there, but just not in these 3 dimensions.

    This is really important information people, because the weight that we end up with here at the end, versus the weight we started with actually reduces to, like you know 56 or 57% of the original starting weight. And, just for the record, we take this material that weighs 56% of the metal, and we devised a way to take it back to metal, and when we take it back to metal, it weighs the 100%. And this is really perplexing for a trained chemist because he has to have a mass balance in all his chemistries. Now, and a mass balance, that is one of the things that they teach you in the first, very beginning of chemistry, keep a mass balance. Now if you start with a hundred, you have to have a hundred all the way through, and anything that you add, you have to add to it, but you dont get less. And when it went from a 100 to 55-56%, this just really upset his applecart, he said Dave, this is not the physics that we have been taught in school. Now you...<audience member asks something> Well, I am just a dirt farmer, I am not a technical person, I am trying to understand this. You know, I am just watching it all, and watching their responses, they are just blowing their minds you know. At the time I did not understand the importance of this 56%. You know, I eventually learned what it meant, when I filed my patents, later, which, lets go to the next slide. All right, now there is a gentleman by the name of Hal Putoff, and he did a paper, and this is in 19....March 1st 19...what...can you read that Barry? 1989, it is physical of UA volume <mumuring from Barry>. All right, it is titled GRAVITY AS A ZERO POINT FLUCTUATION FORCE. Now this man is a theoretical physicist, by training, and I understand that we have a couple of theoretical physists in the audience right now, believe it or not, well you are teaching Art, or teaching Feng Shui, it doesnt make any difference, you have the formal training of physics, and you can appreciate this mans training. All right, this man is a theoretical physicist, well I dont like theoretical people basically. Because they are theoretical, I like experimental, you know. But this man, I have a great deal of respect for. I can't understand any of this mathematics, can you? Now maybe our physicists back here can, I cant. And this is really complex for me, because it looks like chinese writing to me, which is totally foreign, you know. But I have to show it to you because he did say something very profoundly important. It is a theory about gravity, and he says that gravity is not a field. Gravity can never be discovered out there in the universe someplace, as a separate field because it doesn't exist as a field. Gravity is produced when the protons, neutrons and electrons of the atom inter-react with the vacuum energy, and everybody understands the vacuum is the vibrating material that is everywhere in the universe, in other galaxies, in every piece of matter all over the universe is running on the vacuum. And feeding their energy off the vacuum, and that is why protons and electrons and neutrons run forever, because they are continually taking energy from the vacuum. Now I dont know what the number is, but I read it someplace that in the vacuum energy, in 1 square, in 1 cubic foot of the vacuum, contains more <interrupted by audience member> one cubic centermeter contains more energy than what...? No, somebody said it was all the nuclear bombs all exploded at once, wont equal the energy that is in 1 cubic centermenter of the vacuum <more murmuring> Yeah <Barry: and if you were to presume that it lasted 8 billion years or something like that, it is more energy than the sun has produced or ever will before it goes old> Okay, in other words, a lot. Now for the newbies, this is a lot, and this is science, basically everybody knows that there is such thing as the vacuum, it is the underlying, vibrating frequency, that is vibrating so subtly that we dont experience it in our macro 3 dimensional existance, but in the world of the atom, it literally is running on it. It is the stuff that continually feeds the atom, that means it runs for billions and billions and billions of years and never runs down. Okay...he said that if you calculate using all this wonderful mathematics that I dont understand, and I wish I could read this all to you, but what he is saying is that when you calculate mathematically, when the energy comes from the vacuum, and creates what we call gravity, matter interacting with other matter in 3 dimensions gives this a certain quantity of gravity, but in this part right here in his paper, and you can find this or you can actually read it on this video screen up here, he says that matter when it is interacting in 2 dimensions, which is what I said my stuff theorised to be, resonating in 2 dimensions, not 3 dimensions, that you have to correct it by a 5/9 correction factor. 5/9. So interacting, matter that is interacting only in this direction like a superconductor doesnt weigh what matter interacting in 3 dimensions is like. So you must correct with a 5/9 correction factor. My material, loses 4/9 of its weight, and weighs 5/9 of the beginning weight of the metal. So where did the 4/9 go? It is still there, it is just not in these 3 dimensions. Now this is heavy people, it is very heavy, but it also is telling us what gravity is. And remember, when you control gravity, you control both space time. When you know what gravity is, you are working with space time. Now if you could shrink yourself down to the size of an atom and literally walk inside the atom, and be in there with the electrons buzzing around outside, and the neutron and proton right here beside you, you will be in the world of the quanta, and in that world there is no time, as we understand it. It is only when we come up into the macro world in our 3 dimensional world out here, that time is invented by mankind to describe change. Water run downstream at miles per hour or feet per second, you get old in years. Everything happens in time, but way down there in the world of the quanta, there is no time. And something I want to emphasise is a superconductor is billions and billions of atoms resonating in 2 dimensions as a harmonic unit, literally all these billions of atoms are acting like 1 single atom, they are all in total harmony with each other and resonating in unison in 2 dimensions. So a pure superconductor should really weigh 5/9 of its beginning weight. Now nobody has been able to weigh a type 1 superconductor when it is superconducting, because anything that comes in contact with it warms it, and it has got to be 4 degrees kelvin, anything introduced into it warms it up, so it is a real problem to weigh at that temperature, but that is the theory that he has about gravity. The very fact that it... <Barry: asks question> Well, at room temperature the gold, at room temperature, the iridium is at 200 degrees. 200 degrees temperature it is actually flux flowing. Now that is important information people, really profound information. See, Ytrium, Barium, Copper oxide, cooper is one of these elements too people, but when they build Ytrium, Barium, Copper oxide, the type 2 superconductor, what they have done is created a Ytrium Barium Oxide that is like an egg basket, so they can hold a single montomic copper in that egg basket. Now if you try to produce monotomic copper, it will never stay monotomic, in keeps going back to diatomic or larger clusters, because it is too small, but if you can treat a matrix where that atom stays in that matrix, you literally can get a superconductor. Because that atom resonates with another copper atom, resonates with another copper atom and causes what they call type 2 superconductivity. I dont know what we call our stuff, it is just another form of matter, but science will name it eventually, I am sure. Anyway lets go to the next slide, that is an important paper by the way people, he has written a lot of good papers, but, one of them is titled Everything For Nothing, you know, but this paper on gravity is really profound. Because he does theorise what gravity is, and we have proven with our testing what gravity is, that is what's important. Alright..this is my patent application, okay, I am not going to show you all the many pages of it, I just want to show you is the title page, we filed a patent on this material. And it was on all the platinum group elements, we were saying that in their monatomic state, if they are annealed they go to this lighter colour, virtually quiet on most of the materials, and they resonance connect in 2 dimensions, and in this form they are not visible by X-ray diffraction, X-ray flourescence, missichk spectroscopy, atomic absorbtion or even neutron activation. It is not identifiable by DC arc, but it is identifiable by induction coupled plasma, which is one of the new technologies, it is just not receiving energy. But when you understand that a superconductor literally has around it a meissner field, and it doesnt allow any external magnetic field to enter the sample, none, not 99.999, but 100.000, no interference can enter the sample, and therefore it runs perpetually. A superconductor, when it is started literally runs forever and ever and ever and ever. It is billions and billions of atoms acting like 1 single atom, running forever, I told some of you this in private discussions but when I filed my US and worldwide patents on this material, I described it as an orme state, but I said, that is the atom, now a mini-atom system of the ormes material, I called s-ormes, and I said it is like a superconductor, it resonates in 2 dimensions. Well I used the words īlike a superconductorī and they let me file worldwide, then like 5, 6 months later, I find out through a communication with my patent attourney that they just found out that if it involves superconductivity, the Department of Defence has to approve it before you can file outside the US. But the patent office made a mistake, and they let me file anyway. So now the Department of Defence wants to talk to me, and let me tell you, you dont want to get involved with these people, you got to have 50 man secretarial staff, just to answer the paperwork. I mean, it is unbelieveable. Anyway, they sent an investigator out to talk to me and my attourney, and I was not a public company, I wasnt a company, I wasnt even a company per se, I was a private individual, and there was nothing they could do to me. They couldnt control me, they couldnt make me do anything, they couldnt threaten me, there was, I was a private individual. So what they did is they went back to the patent office, they said, Look, and I was issued in probably 30% of the countries around the world, they just issued it, no problem. But in this country, and then in Canada, and in I think in England and anyway in several other countries, in bigger countries, they depend on the US to issue before they will issue, and so they are waiting for the US to say, OK we are going to let you have it. They said, Dave before we let you go to a patent issued, we want you to take gold, now they specified gold, not iridium, not platinum, they said gold, we want you to take it to a laboratory totally not associated with you, and have that laboratory make the white powder of gold. I am just a dirt farmer, I dont know who to take it to, and I said, how about Argonne National Laboratories, are they OK, do they qualify as a credible laboratory, your own national laboratories, and they said, well I guess, I mean what can they say. Anyway, I took this to Argon National Laboratories. I met with Roger Poeppel... Yeah, Roger Poeppel, head of ceramics and superconductivity at Argonne National Laboratories, back in Chicago, just outside of Chicago. Well that is a cold place back there, anyway he said, great Dave, you know, I think this is really exciting. He thought it was neat. I told him about some of the phenomena that we had observed and he said, Dave, this is really exciting. But he submitted it for approval, cause it has to be approved by his department of appropriations, that pays for everything. And they said, Dave, we dont want to do this because Argonne National Laboratories was set up to do only work that can't be done by private industry. And so they said, you really ought to take it to a private company. And I said, but Roger, I dont know of a private company, who do I go to get somebody totally independant of me that is willing to do this? And so he says, Look Dave, I know some people that used to work with me here at Argonne, that are back in Massachusets, that are willing, that I will call and talk to, and they will do this for you. And he says, I know a guy that I worked with a year here at Argon, whose name is Steven Danaleck, and so this, right here he says, I am very sorry to inform you that the careful review of my proposal for the work on ormes, Argonne management has decided that Argonnes capability in this area is not sufficiently unique to, for Argonne to undertake the proposed work. I think my enthusiasm for this project work blinded me to the simple fact that they aren't <inaudible interruption from Barry> in particular University of Illinois Chicago has all the integrity you require, I suggest you contact Professor Steven Danaleck University of Chicago. Well Steven Danaleck, when we contacted him, he gave me his address and his phone number. I called him, and he was working on another project right then, but he says, I have an associate. A Michael McNallin that I work with, that will do it for you. So Steven went they won't do it, but then Michael McNallin said he would do it, and then he signed an affadavit and then sent it to the patent office. So if you go to the next page. All right, this is Michael McNallin, this is his resume which I only provide to you for you to see that he has degrees, High Temperature Chemistry of materials including injection, re-refining a liquid metals solution and corrosion of metals and alloys, high temperature corrosion in halogens containing environment. Anyway, his experience in university cover professor of materials sciences, center for advanced materials in the Pennsylvania State University, visiting professor University of Illinois Chicago, associate professor of metallurgy, anyway those are all.... education Massachusetts Institute Technology, PhD in Metallurgy.

    So the only reason I give you this paperwork is, is this is the guy we went to, to confirm that yellow gold could be made into a white powder of gold and report that to the patent office. OK, A lot of you people said that other people hadn't provided credentials, I am giving you credentials from my work, it is not my work, it is their work. Anyway, this is his affadavit, which is not all of it, but it is the relevant part, I couldn't get all of it on 2 pages so the notary of all is over here for you to see. But, anyway, what it boiled down to is he took the yellow metal, he bought the gold, he actually made it into the white powder, he used the procedures that I provided to him over the phone, and he confirming that it analysed to be exactly what I said it would analyse to be, silicon and aluminium. And he says, I have no explanation for this, because it began with gold, I used not reagent grade, he used electronic grade chemicals, which is even purer yet, and he says, I have a white material here and it literally analyses exactly the way Mr Hudson said it would analyse, and therefore I cannot say that he is not correct in what he is representing, then he signed it and notarised it and sent it to the patent office.

    Well, then the patent office decided that they wanted me to do something else for them. I know this is the Department of Defence, and what they are trying to learn is everything about it. Okay, now they dictate to me that I must take gold, white powder, and convert that back to metal. Now people, I dont know, most of you probably wouldnt be aware of this, but in the United States, right now today, I bet you there is 6000 miners or people in the mining system, the industry that would give their right arm to know how to convert the white powder of gold to yellow metal. Believe me, there are people out there, and these are wacky people, some of them.

    Anyway, just for the record, I want to show this to you too people, because this is another instrumental analysis. This was actually performed for me Mark Scutter of the Laura Scutter potatoe chips family, they...he actually, his mom started Laura Scutter potatoe chips, but his family was literally allied signal in Longbeach California, you all know signal loyal, allied signal? Anyway, big money, very wealthy people anyway they had connection with Allied Sigma, when Allied Signal actually merged and went together with, who was it, anyway I dont remember now. Anyway we had them do this, it is called differential thermal analysis DTA. And what this first line is, is a heating of the pan up to temperature, it was just a simple heating of the pan up to temperature and then monitor the temperature and seeing the heat that goes into it. When you put our material into the pan and heat it, this is the way it looks, so what happens, it starts out reasonably the same, but right here, it really, you have to keep heating and keep heating and keep heating and it is not getting any hotter. And then finally it starts climbing up, but then finally it comes back and form here on it is normal. So what I did is I put these 2 transparencies on top of each other for the next slide. I apologise because when you put them on top of each other then you kind of mess up the letters, but you can see the difference in them now, it actually comes back together here, but it is really apart here and then it comes back. Well, what does this mean? What this means is indictative of a phase change in the material. It is not the same material here as it is here, it is changing phase at this point, is going to different phase of material Okay, that is the only significance with this but I wanted to show it to you, this physical phase change.....that is the relevance with that.

    Just for your information, this is our first heating of the iridium, this is when the differential thermal analysis says that the phase change occurs. At 400 degrees you can see that the phase change starts, and the phase change finishes by what 750, nearly 800 degrees, and you can see right here at the same temperature, you can see the hiccups start, that is when the phase change starts and when the phase change is completed, it is down here. So this is indicative of a phase change occuring in a material that causes it to go from here, down to here. That is all that is important about that but for a technical person that understands the instrumentation, that is important, profoundly important, but for the average person it really is an awesome material.

    All right...Politics...well now there's business politics, but I wont get into that, I mean political politics.

    I was going along pretty good and working with OCM labaratories and we filed the patent and OCM made the material, we sent to Deenar Incorporated for fuel cell testing and this company came from Oregon Washigton down and wanted to do some soil analysis at John Sacerton Laboratories, so we started working for them also. After about 4 to 5 weeks, he comes to me and says Dave, theyīve got the same stuff in their work that you have. And he says you guys really outta get together because they have a public company and they are backed by public money... anyways call Legal and General Insurance, and everybody in England knows who Legal and General Insurance is, and we dont necessarily know them here, but theyre a huge multi billion company, an insurance company.

    Anyway a fellow by the name of Clayton Stokes got chummy in a bar with this fellow Peter Simon who is the investment chairman for Legal and General Investments, and he got chummy with him. But it really was a guy promoting, trying to get in a position to get money from Legal and General. Now Iīm telling you this, because this is my opinion ok. He got Peter Simon to invest many many millions of dollars with Clayton Stokes and allowed him to invest and get into 12 different mining properties here in the United States. One of them happened to be with Joe Champion up in Oregon, that was what they were working on when they came down to work with John Sicartese. John says Ļyou outta get together with themĻ, so I met with them, we entered into a partnership at their insistance where we would work together and they could share this knowledge that I and John had developed for analysing their ore also... but they never could share the information about me or any of my work or anything that I was doing publicly, and they never could release any of it without my written consent. The only way I would work with them, so we started working together.

    Before long, and it did take just a few years, they were literally lost all of their other investments. However Clayton Stokes owned an island in Majorca and he came from South Africa with nothing, and he bought an island in Majorca, he drove a Bently Turbo know...I dont know if you all know turbo Rīs, they are really like $300,000 machine. He..ah...he asked me and my wife to come over to England and he drove us around on his big motor car and he you know driving 80 maybe 90 mile per hour down the road, takes you to all these ritzy places and know...and you know putting on the aires with know.. sheīs a very private person and she did not like this at all..she was nice, but afterwards she says Dave, I just dont like this, it's just not what I want to do. Anyway they lost all of their other investments, and Peter Simon was really in hot water with Legal and General Insurance. They had dumped so many millions into this Clayton Stokes, and it all was gone, all in Claytonīs pocket and nothing working as far as a business. They said we have got to save our company, and the only way we can do that Dave, we have got to be able to talk about what we have done with you. And I said, well fellas, I will not allow an investigation or an evaluation, now they want to do an evaluation of my work. And I said I will not allow an evaluation of my work to be performed by some university professor, somebody who just read about this in a book. Do you want to evaluate me and my work, years of work here, it has to be by somebody who has literally rolled up their sleeves and had hands on experience in this area, not somebody who has read theoretical papers, but someone who has actually done it. Somebody who has actually refined rhodium and iridium and platinum and palladium and gold, you know somebody who has done it, this was being written for Legal and General, this was an evaluation paid for by Legal and General to evaluate what they were involved in, and they wanted to release it publically so that their stock price would be great and they could show they made a good investment. I looked at this and said guys, Iīm not comfortable releasing this to the public. I could have made a fortune here people, but it wouldnt have been fair to the general public because it isnt telling the truth. I know it's the truth, but the people wouldnīt have understood the truth, they would not have understood it correctly. I probably with 45% of the shares could have walked away with probably 2 or 3 hundred million dollars...ok...and I said no, weīre not going to release it. Legal and General, particularly Peter Simon, they eventually fired him, he no longer is the head of investments at Legal and General insurance. Leagal and General shut off all money to Clayton Stokes. Poor Clayton Stokes, I think is back in South Africa now, doing what he was doing before.

    We have done thermogravimetric analysis on all of the elements. All of them require at least 200 to 250 degrees centigrade before they will flux flow. And this is really critical people, you need to understand that when I say in my patent appication itīs like a resonating material, resonating in 2 dimensions like a superconductor, I dont really claim it is a superconductor. If you could take the copper out, if you could take the copper out of ytrium barium copper oxide and sit it here on the table, and take another copper out and set it on the table, and take another copper out and set it on the table, and it did not go back to metallic state, they would literally be like this material, they would be resonating in 2 dimensions, but theyīre not really flux flowing. You understand that a single atom cannot flux flow, it only can resonance connect with another atom, it is only when the flux flow occurs that it really is superconducting. My material when it loses weight and becomes the white powder is like a superconductor, it is resonance coupling with the other atoms next to it, but itīs resonating in 2 dimensions only, not 3, but only 2, but it is not flux flowing. When the flux flow starts is when you start getting these, these spikes, like this, thatīs flux flow. OK thatīs when literally light is flying inside the superconductor.

    So the initial formation of the ormes material, it is not a material resonanating in 3 dimensions, only resonating in 2 dimensions. It weighs 5/9 of the true metal weight, and it is not really a superconductor but it can superconduct. Now I really want that to be clear people, because you know, people say I claimed it is a superconductor, Iīm not really claiming it is a superconductor, Iīm claiming it is superconductor like coupling, but it is not really a superconductor until the flux flow occurs.

    The one thing that is really profound about this material, it is exactly like a superconductor is a single atom cannot be seen by any analytical instrumentation, even neutron activation, and a nuetron activation is sending a high energy neutron into the sample, a neutron doesnt have a charge, but a nuetron does have a spin on the nuetron. And a superconductor is so sensitive to magnetic fields that a spin on a nuetron is deflected by the superconductor, you cannot analyse a superconductor when it is superconducting because the energy cannot get to the atoms themselves when it is superconducting. My material, each atom is like a superconductor, it is invisible to all instrumentation that does analysis, that I know of today. When itīs in this white state, ok, this is really a key piece of information that I want you people to profoundly understand this, ok....when the flux flow occurs, then it is superconducting, ok then it truely forms a meissner field around the whole system, and then it literally starts weighing too much or too little, but when it is resonance coupling, it just loses weight. It loses 4/9 of itīs weight when itīs resonating in 2 dimensions, it is only when the flux flow commences after everything is arranged, after everyhing is annealled and in proper position, then it can superconduct, depending on the element, depending on <cut off>

    What is important about this material is not the element, what is important about this element is the resonance frequencies that come off of it, and thatīs what youīre after, whatīs important, is the resonance frequencies.

    All these elements are basically transitional elements, and on the, this is a periodic table, but this periodic table I found actually has the electron configurations, and itīs really important to understand, particularly for gold here, you know gold is element 79, itīs a 5d 10 which means itīs electron orbital, the 5d orbital is totally filled, but it is a 6s, 6s 1. 6s 1...over here is the elements this row right here we normally would find have all s1... hydrogen... lithium... sodium.. potassium.. cesium... rubidium.. strontium, these are the elements that have s1 orbital configurations. Theyīre highly reactive elements. Gold we all think is noble, it doesnt react, but when you understand that gold is an s1.... it cannot exist as an s1, and yet gold metal is supposed to be an s1, but it cant exist in a single atom as s1, it wants to be s2 or it needs/wants to be s0, but it doesnt want to be s1. If its s1 it wants to react with something and it will find a partner, even if it needs to steal it from someone near him, it will find a partner. Now, when it finds itself, when gold finds another gold atom, it locks onto it and says now I have the orbital s2, so now I have aurous gold 1 plus audide gold minus 1 and we now are a di-atom we call gold 0, or gold metal. But gold metal is Aurous auride itīs not really aurum, ok thereīs no such thing as aurum. Gold metal is aurous auride, itīs not aurum.

    Ok, everything is fine...2 atoms, 3 atoms, 5 atoms, 50 atoms, 1000 atoms, doesnt matter <??euroms??> itīs all aurum. But we reduce from gold 3, gold 1, gold 0, but when you have 1 atom, it doesnt work this way. 1 atom, this naked little single atom, itīs gold 3, gold 1, and then gold minus 1, because it cant be gold 0. Has to have an extra electron or it has to not have an extra electron, it gives it up, so it cant be gold 0, a single atom cannot be gold 0. So in the published literature that actually people have written papers about how you produce gold minus 1...what you do is what Barry Carter calls a sodium burn, take metallic sodium and you pull it up out of the oil where they keep it so it won't oxidise, cut part of the sodium off and put it in zirconium or a porcelan crucible, and you heat it to till it melts, then with the molten sodium, you put metallic gold in there and it literally dissolves and it goes into the metal. Now the gold-gold bonds becomes sodium-gold bonds in the melt. Then the sodium gold can be taken out and hydrolised with water and it becomes a hydroxide, now you can acidify it and you now have sodium gold chloride. If you strongly acidify it you become hydrogen gold chloride. If you reduce it then you become gold 3, gold 1, gold minus 1. Well you know that a single atom of gold is green as a that is conspicually different from all the metallurgy in all the world think that gold chloride is kind of an orangy-red color.... mono-atomic gold is forest green, if you reduce it, it becomes clear as an auride. Now an auride is just like bromide, iodide, chloride, itīs a halogen...itīs auride...itīs a halogen. Can you imagine melting a halogen in your furnace? Can you put chlorine in and melt it to a glob and make jewellry out of it? Ainīt gonna soon as you start warming it....itīs gone. You try to put mono-atomic gold in there and heat it in the furnace and it goes pshooow right out the furnace...itīs not there. And people in the electronics industry are following this very closely and are aware of this, that gold, because of electronic configuration cannot be gold 0, unless it has gold-gold bonds, and when itīs in a mono-atomic material, it doesnīt want to form a bond unless you reduce it...once you anneal it, it goes white, it will not react with anything at all. The white powder of pure gold will not dissolve in aqua regia, which dissolves metallic gold... but it wonīt dissolve the white powder of gold. It wont dissolve in nitric, sulfuric or chloric, any acids, it wont dissolve in bases, it wont dissolve in caustic, it will dissolve however in a sodium fusion. So if you want to take mono-atomic white powder of gold back to yellow gold, you have to go through a sodium fusion, acidification, then a reaggregation, a precipitation as a sulfide, drying of the sulfide and then reduction of the sulfide to the metal...but it can't has to be phyically brought together, glued together, and then reduced to the metal.

    ok.. and this can can happen nationally too....every now and then radiation justs hits it and it transmutes back. our bodies, these elements in the ormes state, when you receive radiation damage itīs possible that the ormes state can react with the nitrogen that you breathe comes in and forms a resonance coupling with the white powder, it just resonates resonates resonates pretty soon the white powder starts pulling back starts developing a feeling, thereīs gonna be a bond, thereīs gonna be a bond, and then electron anilation occurs, when anilation occurs, itīs received by the smaller atom, which is the nitrogen and nitrogen which is breathing, every breath of air has more nitrogen than you have oxygen and the nitrogen becomes radioactive carbon 14, while you're breathing, thereīs anilation, thereīs gamma level radiation at exactly the frequency thatīs required to create transmutation of a proton to a neutron.

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    Now we finally waded through all this science because some of you people want to see references and supporting evidence and all....thatīs what I gave you...hereīs the supporting evidence ok

    I was approached by a gentlemanīs representative who is so wealthy that I didn't know anyone with that kind of money existed...I mean he makes Gates look like a pauper, now this is heavy duty money and I hadnīt even heard of the guy. Anyway heīs on the other side of the world, and they came to me, you know $300,000, to pay all your obligations, pay your EPA, get rid of them, we want to work with you over in another part of the world. He said we will give you all the money you need to do the work, we will build another plant over here in the other part of the world, all brand new, we will put it in operation, and you make the ore and pulverise it and ship it overseas to us and weīll do the refining and processing over here. Their specialisation, the people that we were working with were all medical people..ok..and their goal, their object was to create a cure for HIV in charge. Now this is really a philanthropic gentleman that really was head of the whole thing, and very seldom you find this kind of money controlled by one single man. Over here itīs always big huge corporations or something, but this was one man that directed everything. And you know I know.. this is gonna be really interesting to do.. I got to have dinner with him whenever I was over there... I sat at a big round, 30 foot round table with the heads of state from China, the heads of state from Taiwan, and the heads of state from Japan and the heads of state from Korea... and they're all there at the round table while I was eating dinner with him, and my interpreters were there...anyway.... in our work they literally did perform the separations and did the medical studies on patients in the 6 hospitals that they own and the 1 hospital they built in Beijing as a gift to the chinese government, for the olympics a gift... they gave them brand new hospital fully equipped with instrumentation and everything. They brought me over there and I worked with these people and we administered these materials and pure elements to various patients with all sorts of diseases and illnesses to see the effects. And while we administered it to them, we were monitoring the DNA, monitoring their conditions and they were given low doses, they were given placebos, they were giving double blind studies to them, we were just doing everything to see what would happen, what the effects would be. It was used on plant tissue, gardens, hydroponics applications, everything....these people were just doing just profound things... I needed to have the knowledge and understanding, but I promised that I would not use their name and not divulge specific information. But I can tell you due to the relationship that I have with these people, I mean thatīs why you havent seen me for 12 years... ok...I apologise for it, but it was necessary to get this work done and to witness it. What we decided, and this is important I think for my thinking that this really should not be thought of as medicine...our thinking today is you have something wrong with you, you want a medicine to cure the problem...we should not think of this as a medicine....and this is my opinion Iīm giving you right need to think of this as a transmutating material for mankind because the effect on your body as a holistic effect is not just a disease effect. When it is given to patients that have cancers, basically it stimulates the immune system dramatically but it also speeds up the cancer, because the cancer is part of the living body, like it or not, itīs a healthy cell that has gone crazy...itīs actually speeds up its activity also. If you take the patient off before he is cured of the cancer, the cancer runs rampant through his body and is running at a much faster rate than it was running before you got a hold of him. So our conclusion after doing all the work, itīs great for HIV, it really stimlates the immune system. If he doesnt have anything else wrong with him, itīs great for HIV. really should not be thought of as medicine or a cure, it really is about literally filling your body with the spirit, not a medicine. Ok..we know that in the western world science does not acknowledge the meissner field around our body. The meissner field is not an electrical field, itīs the way people describe it because they dont have any other term, any other way to talk about it, but the aura or the field around our bodies that exists around our bodies right now is a non-polar field, it doesnt have a north pole, it doesnt have a south pole, it just exists around our bodies.

    In the eastern part of the world, they have known this for a thousand years and they called it the qi ok...and they have their medicines that they dont describe as the know they actually talk about as the vibrational frquency of the qi, and when you have a disease where the qi is affected in your body, you need this material taken for the qi you need for your body... or prahna know I dont want to get into semantics here but they literally dont think of it as a medicine in the traditional chinese medicine....over here sciences don't even consider that there is a field there, and when you die they cant tell you why you die, they just tell you what stops when you die.

    Ok..well..they said Dave, what you have is the qi...these resonance ossilators are producing a magnetic field around them that we call the for them, they just totally understood this, you know from the get go. What we have found is when you put this in a tube furnace and the last annealing you get the snow white powder and you pull it out of the tube furnace, and it cools to ambient temperature, put your hand under there, about 2 or 3 inches from the tube and the material floats. It responds to the magnetic field around your body, which nobody else has ever been able to analyse the field and it floats in response to your hand. So if you stop and pick up a magnet and put it up there with a magnet, nothing happens. But you put the magnet down, put your hand back up there and it floats so it is producing the same field as your body has around it, or the life force is what weīre talking about here. Or what they call in the east, the qi. Itīs the life force. All right...this material is in the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, itīs everywhere. And you normally, with a good balanced diet, you will get plenty of this into your body for a good healthy normal life. All right...itīs part of a living system. However, understanding how it works, there are some people who have written some information that I think is really important to understand, and much of it many of you actually have read already. All right...and Iīve referenced some of these and I just want to go through some of it with you, this is real quickly here so you can see what theyīre saying and understand how this system...many atom system many like 1 atom in connection with the vacuum is a working in our lives and how it relates to our bodies and a living system ....

    The Holographic Universe....I think most of you are familiar with this textbook..right? page ...I just give you that for the reference... All right so most people understand how a hologram is have a single frequency light just like a a single frequency light goes through a beam splitter, then hits the object and then comes back to the beam...back together and where they intersect they create a hologram image right here on film. The hologram image...lets go to the next page... The hologram image is here on the left that they show what it looks like for an apple.. well that doesnt resemble an apple at all does it, but in fact when you run the single frequency light back through that negative, you get the apple. Ok, and the apple, you can walk around the apple and it is a 3 dimensional apple, and thatīs just amazing to me that that negative produces that apple.. but it has encoded in that negative all of the information about that apple is in that film right there. Not only is it in that film but...lets go to the next slide...if you take a little piece of the film... and shine the same laser frequency through a litle piece of the get this apple again... so the information is not in the whole film necessarily...itīs in any piece of the film, all the information is there also. You know that is kind of mind boggling when you think about it.. it just doesnt make sense...and itīs not just the information on the image in front like a picture, you can walk around the apple on the back side of the apple and itīs there too, you can walk around in 3 dimesions and itīs all there, in that squiggly plate there....what Iīm trying to do is explain how the superconductivity can be explained and then talk about the light can carry the information that encoded in the light in fact is the information about this subject now weīre talking about apples here, it also can be anything that contained information and it doesnt have to look like what it contained. Anyway..this is very interesting you know, I think that to understand how a 2 dimensional being would see the occurance of a 3 dimensional activity...that a 2 dimensional being can only see in 2 dimensions, witness a 3 dimensional man walking through his 2 dimensional world, you know. You see the foot come in, the foot go out and then disappear, another foot comes in goes out and disappears, foot comes in goes out and then disappears, itīs not really gone, itīs just not in your 2 dimensional world. Well when we live in a 3 dimensional world and something disappears from the 3 dimsional world, itīs still there, you just canīt see it in the 3 dimensional world because itīs out there in the 4th dimension...understand...itīs still there, itīs just not there in your 3 dimensional existance. Just like the foot is still there but in another dimension not in your 2 dimensional world. Now in our 3 dimensional world the foot goes through it, but as it goes out, you donīt see it, but that doesnt mean itīs not there, itīs just not in your 3 dimensional world.

    Now here zero equals minus one and plus one, people have asked me, where is the zero point. I tell you, if you get a chart, if you find a chart that has all the electromagnetic spectrum on it, everything beginning with radio waves, entire waves all the way down to microwaves and gamma radiation, the whole chart....where are you going to find zero? It is between plus one electron volts and minus one electron volts. There is no half electron volt, mathematically you can calculate it and come up with a half electron volt, but thereīs no real half an electron volt, thereīs one electron, or thereīs a minus electron, thereīs no, anything in between, half way in between is the zero point. Now this is a tiny tiny tiny little area between a regular electron and a minus electron, or whatīs called a positron, you can actually find them and determine what their energies are, the zero point is between those. But when you understand that a superconductor in fact is literally in between those two. The superconductor is a macro system that literally is flux flowing and living in the world of the quanta and literally it has entered a condition that is really not a plus electron or a negative electron, it literally is in the zero point. And it is huge, but it doesnīt, it literally is within the zero point. The position of the superconductor is where the zero point, in a pure type 1 superconductor, or a single element superconductor like Iīm talking about.

    It talks about in the papyrus of Ani all these properties and characteristics that will come to be possessed by the people when they die and come before god, and itīs talking about being perfected walking there with the angels and the light beings and it says Ļwhat then is it" and goes on does some more describing and it says Ļwhat then is itĻ..(next page) inscribed some more of what then is it....inscribed some more what then is it...inscribed some more what then is it... inscribed some more what then is it...inscribed some more what then is it...inscribed some more what then is it.....and he says god these guys are totally preoccupied with this Ļwhat then is itĻ arenīt they.

    Nobody who read that previous to my bringing it to their attention ever questioned it. It was just ah what they say...I says you know, somebody writing this, they got this real hang up about this Ļwhat then is itĻ...alright. Anyway Iīm just giving you some examples. Itīs a great big book ...the papyrus of Ani. This what then is it....anyway just, just, just want you to be aware of this.

    When you go to the complete works of Josphus...(next page) And it gives you the definition of the Ļwhat then is itĻ. The word manna literally means, it translates literally to a question Ļwhat is itĻ...thatīs what the word manna means... what is it. Those mysterious white substance that, that were being given to the hebrews when they entered the desert, just coincidentally were calling it the very same thing they were calling it in Egypt 3500 BC itīs Ļwhat is itĻ or Ļwhat then is itĻ. You think thatīs a coincidence? Now I just love this heiroglyph because this is the whole story, this is the whole story in a nutshell. Itīs a jackal Anubis, which is the black jackal which is symolically representative of the digestive system, because you know a dog goes and gets something, he goes out and digs a hole and he buries it, and lets it rot and ferment and then he comes back and digs it up and chews on and eats it. So Anubis represents the digestive system. Here is the ..what is it..the king offers the jackal, Anubis, the digestive system the white bread. Ok the white nurturing, the white bread. OK, that tells you the whole story right there, that is the Egyptian Rite of Passage coming with the white bread to offer it to the digestive system, to me that one heiroglyph says everything. Now remember that the hebrews in the first temple, they had the Ark of the Covenant, they carried it on poles and in it they had the ten commandments and the pot of the manna or the Ļwhat then is itĻ.

    This is a listing of all the things that were supposedly taken from the first temple of Jerusalem, and right up there I've colored the cones, you know, I don't know if you notice here it has all of the things they took and shows what they are. and you can see the torah's and the tables up here, the offer-tory table, the pots, everything. But here in these elongated cones it says this in is silver, the white powder of silver but all these others are the white powder of gold and they're actually depicted as a elongated triangle shaped cone. Anyway these are the things that were taken from the first temple, and there was white powder of gold taken, what is it?

    And this is was at the bottom here..and this is, it says cone 138 on the left bears the superscription white bread, but was made of silver, so this is unique in that up here it says it was white bread, but it was actually silver and actually you learn that goldsmiths not bakers made the shewbread, it wasn't bakers that made the shewbread and it really wasn't called shewbread in the first table, it's called the bread in the presence of god, ok, not shewbread. It was when they built the second temple and the third temple where they observed making shewbread, not the bread in the presence of god...Anyway, this was revelations you know, what's supposed to happen when you will live for a thousand years, will be like angels. We will literally know the thoughts of others. We will know the future. All these miraculous things that are going to occur, there are going to be no diseases, no illnesses. This is the end times.

    But to him that overcometh, he will be given the hidden manna, the white stone of the purest kind upon which shall be written a new name. You will be another new being. That's a prophecy you know, from what...nearly 2000 years ago

    All right, it's referred to as "Manna", "Food of the Gods", "Food of the Spirit", "Bread of the Presence", "Semen of the Father in Heaven", "Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus", "That which Issues from the Mouth of the Creator". The egyptian people were very literal people, they were trying to describe this material so you would understand what it would look like. The white powder is so insoluble that if it is taken into your body it will literally not dissolve in the hydrochloric acid of your stomache, you have to take the white powder and then literally hydrolyse it until it looks like a white snotty material, ok it's a hydroxide. That white snotty material then will instantly dissolve in hydrochloric acid so when it goes into the stomache then will be assimilated into the digestive system, go into the body and then will be all throughout your body. OK. And so it was referred to by the egyptians as the semen of the father in heaven and in the egyptian rite of passage you literally took into your body the semen of the father in heaven, you were born again as a son of god, not a son of man, and you now were thought of as a god, not a regular man. And the pharouh was considered a god, and they looked upon him as a god, but he had gone through the egyptian rite of passage.

    All've seen the golden tear from the eye of horus? You've seen it depicted? In the corner, there's a golden tear hanging in that eye with the eyelash on it, and the golden tear hanging over in the corner. That which issus from the mouth of the creator. Creator, the spittle, it talks about it as being the semen of the father in heaven. These were all ways of describing to you what it looks like, this hydrated oxide of gold is...looks like semen...ok...and they were not....they were literal people. So they weren't trying to be crude, they were just trying to let you understand what it literally looks like. The whole idea of someone claiming to be born again as a son of god, you know in the Michelsick priesthood, in the ahh Michelsick priest, once a week would bring the manna and set it in the offering bowls on the golden table behind the veil of the holy of holies, and once a week they'd come and anything that wasn't gone they would take and ingest themselves, then they set more out for the next week, and this is what they did in the first temple. Mickelsivick priests supposedly could read people's minds, they could see the future, they knew all things...anyway...

    My objective right here, and I want this to be very clear, I didn't speak for 12 years, well what I have seen in all of our medical work is that this material, when we analyse it using thermo-gravi-metric analysis on the iridium, rhodium, platinum, paladium, gold and silver, what we find is all of them superconduct, but most of them are 200, 300, 400 degrees centigrade. Gold is the only one that superconducts at room temperature. Gold will literally superconduct at body temperature. Gold is always referred to, no other metal, gold is referred to...other than this one issue where it said silver....and it's possible silver might work also. But I know gold works. Gold will be absorbed by the body, it is not a heavy metal, it will be taken in the body and it literally will flux flow, not resonant couple now like your body function, it will flux flow within your body and you literally will develop an aura that is maybe 50 times what you have right now...ok...that's what is literally said will be coming and will change people to their original state of being, as they were meant to be, as they were created to be, and all of the DNA will function and you will physically will not be recognised by people who knew you before you took this. You have to fast so there is nothing else in your digestive system, you have to take only the semen of the father in heaven, or the bread of the presence of god, or whatever you want to call it, in your body in mega amounts. We're talking about at least a gram and a half of the white with water.... and one time taking it to get enough of it throughout the body that it looks like it will be literally capable of superconductivity in your body. Ok...not resonance coupling, and that's why I want you to understand people, when it goes to the 4/9 loss, it's a ormes state, it is now resonance coupled in 2 dimensions. When you see those jumps of the flux flow, that's when it's superconducting. It literally in your aqueous phase of your body, it does not chemically react with anything but it literally in the water, it freely will turn and adjust the spacing in your body, until it literally is a perpetual resonating system that then begins to superconduct. And when it begins to superconduct, you truly will become a light being and you will ? glow when you walk in the room. You will be one with the god head, as he said, all knowledge, all past and all future is there in the vacuum, and when you have this superconduct body, you literally are one with the god head, you are one with the vacuum, and you don't have to read a book, you dont have to study anything, you have all knowledge and all understanding, you literally can read the minds of other people without talking, you don't have to eat again, all you need is a very minute amount of water and you literally can exist without aging for 800 to 1000 years.

    <inaudible question from a member of the audience> If you don't eat anything else, which you don't need to eat, because literally energy fields around you are inducing energy into the superconducting body, so all the energy you need is around you. You don't have to eat, only a very small amount of water is required to maintain yourself. About every 6 months you'll need a small amount of additional gold added to sustain it at this condition, but you don't have to go through the whole thing again. This is why the gods came here to the Earth, according to Sitchin, to get gold. It was very important to their society and their life. It was their food, they needed the gold. And they created the Adama to do the mining for them, and they kept Adama in ED-IN, and then they created a mate for him so he could procreate. And then eventually they gave him the secret of how to make the food of the gods. The god leader was very furious that man was given this information, because it was knowledge that only they were supposed to possess. And the knowledge of how to make the white powder of gold or whatever, which is the food of the gods, it was only known by certain people in ancient times, and those people did live for a very long time. It's recorded in the bible that before the flood, people lived 800, 900, 1000 years, and they could ascend and look face to face at god and the creator and all their ancestors and all the people gone before them, and know all, understanding of all things and then return back in their physical bodies, because they had a whole light body. Everything within that meissner field now that comes on when it begins to flux flow is now literally timeless....OK

    <Inaudible speaking from an audience member> All right, you used a word white powder...ok...nothing works but pure gold, and I was never interested in gold, in all these years of research, rhodium, iridium, platinum....but in doing the medical research for the last 12 years, I can tell you that is the only one that seems to be correct, and now coming back and doing the studies on the TGA of gold, it literally flux flows at the initial temperature, it starts going crazy. And so....

    <What is your experience of ....> All right....we're going to have questions and answers here shortly. I haven't talked to the public for over 12 years, but in 8 months, last time I spoke, I literally was lining people up to become Science of the Spirit members for $500. People were saying "Dave, I wanna give you 50, or I wanna give you 100 dollars". I said "I can't just take your money, you need to get something in exchange". So what I decided is that I would give them Science of the Spirit memberships for financial contributions. 8 months time, I raised 2 and a half million dollars...I haven't told people the total before. But literally I spent all this money on the plant and equipment and all the chemical tanks, glass lined tanks, glass lined ?fai-lo? reactors, heaters, muffle furnaces where you literally climb up and walk into the furnace, you know all 3 phase, all commercial quality. And when it came time to turn on the power, the inspector said "I won't turn on your power, I don't think you're really doing agricultural work here". I said "Well, I'm not selling a product, I'm not in business, I'm just a farmer that is interested in this". They wouldn't turn on the 3 phase power, so I went over and turned the power on from my well, I took an underground power line from my well.... I bought the well...I had to put bigger transformers on for the power I had. So now my irrigation well sets with no water coming out, but the meters are going round and round and round and round. Anyway, I have literally rebuilt a plant overseas, we are ready to go into production, but the doctors are afraid to give a gram and a half amounts to people right now. Because in the purity we're producing, it's about 99....98.9 to 99% purity, but under standard analysis it analyses to be silicon and aluminium. And a doctor who gives a gram and a half of something that analyses to be silicon and aluminium is giving a lethal amount of aluminium to the patient. So doctors are hesitant to give this to people because even on the other side of the world, the same standards apply as we have over here in the US. OK...that much aluminium in a single dose is considered lethal, you can't give that amount to a patient. What I can see has to be done and what everyone here should want to be done, and understand needs to be done, and why I'm doing this videotape and why I want it to go out to everyone who wants videotape is that I want it to go out ok. Because I want them to understand that I'm trying to raise some money now and I don't want the people that I'm working with overseas to be the ones to fund it. I want this to be something that is available to every analytical laboratory in the world, it needs to be sanctioned by the Euro standard of units weights and measures, and it needs to be a monotomic rhodium, monotomic silver, monotomic platinum, monotomic paladium, montomic iridium, montomic rhodium, montomic osmium, montomic ruthenium standards that are certified by the US beareau of units weights and measures. And any analytical laboratory then, that has something that they suspect may be monotomic precious metals will have a standard that they put on the machine, they tell a computer "when you see this it's gold", "when you see this, it's iridium", "when you see this, .." The standards have already been made for rhodium for the catalytic converter industry, they just became available about 4 or 5 years ago, but the instrumentation they have to use is mass spectrometry, they have to shoot the atom through a magnetic field and see where it deflects, and then they take the unknown and shoot it through the field and see if it deflects exactly the same, because rhodium is unique in that it only has one isotope and that's 103, so there's no radioactive isotopes and no multiple isotopes like iridium has. But, I'm not happy with that standard even though it's sanctioned by the bureau of weights and measures and you can actually acquire this mono-nuclitic, they call it mono-nuclitic rhodium standard, by contact the bureau of standards and you can get a copy, a little bottle says on it mono-nuclitic rhodium. And there is actually published technology on how you do the analysis for mono-nuclitic rhodium. Because they knew that it was analysable by any standard methods also. If you dehydrate the hydroxide with carbon monoxide, you kill the atom. It isn't white now, it's jet black. You heat it up under hydrogen and dehydrate...I mean under carbon dehydrate it under carbon monoxide, you cool it under carbon monoxide, and then you shut the carbon monoxide off when it's cool....take the sample out, and it looks like carbon soot out of a fireplace. That material is dead! And it analyses. OK...if you have a standard prepared the same way, it'll be a very simple process for somebody to do analysis, and any commercial laboratory in the world. Doctors who are doing blood analysis, doctors doing tissue analysis, doctors doing cancer analysis, can literally take tissue samples and then send them to a laboratory for analysis and say "analyse this tissue, but use mono-nuclitic standards when you do it". And they can give these standards, they're certified by the department of weights and measures, and they will be a standard that anybody will accept in a court of law. That's what we have to have to protect the doctors, that's what we have to have to protect the hospitals. But I don't want my partners to have the right to it, I want this to be available to all people in all countries, you know, through the standards of science. This is going to come to the world as science.

    It's not going to come to the world as a philosophy, it's not going to come to the world as a religion, it's going to come to the world as science. And these standards have to be acceptable to science. So right now, there's one little piece left in this, to protect everybody, including every one of these people who produce who tell you they have ORMUS...and you say "but how much?" and "what elements?". Well, all you got to do is take some to a commercial laboratory, they'll take the mono-nuclitic standards, and they'll give you a report signed by them, with their own letterhead, saying this is what analysed to be there. Then the mystery of all this is not a negative positive, but a positive positive. So simple to do, once you understand the material and know how to do it.

    I just told him a whole bunch of information he's been wanting to hear for a long time.

    Anyway, just so you know, anybody who cares, anybody who wants to get involved, you can send it to "The science of spirit foundation, PO Box 25709, Tempeh Arizona, 85285". Full membership is $500. We accept $10 contributions, $20 contributions, but if you want a membership, it takes $500. <Question from audience: Is that for a year, or just once?> It's a membership, it'll last forever.

    Now people, people who... <Inaudible interruption from audience member> No.No. They said we will not allow people to treat this as a charitable write-off. They argued with me about this, they said we don't understand what you're doing, we can't give you that sage thing, I tried to get it but they won't give it to me. <Inaudible question from audience member> Yes it's private membership and everybody who contributed that money initially is still on the computers. When this material is available, they will be given first notification that it is available, and they will have first rights to get in line for it. Okay, so I want people to understand that, the people haven't been forgotten that came in initially, but I need just a little bit more money. It'll probably take in the neighbourhood of $8,000 to $10,000 to get all this done. It's not a major thing we need, you know, these guys gave me $200,000 to $300,000 in one cheque, you know, it's no big deal. They pay $3,000 to $4,000 for me to fly across the ocean. You know, there's not a question of money, it's a question of who funds the money. That's why I decided that I'm going to talk to the people again. The public, I'll let them know about this. So if anybody is interested, this is what we want to do, and this is solely to make standards that will help everybody, whether it's you, you, you or you. Anybody that has any question marks about any materials, this will end the mystery and take all the question marks out of it.

    Alright, anybody that has any questions now, I'm going to quit talking. I'm going to let you guys ask questions. So, your hand went up awful fast, alright.

    <David Wolfe>: I have a question, it's been a long time I have wanted to ask you this question. You had said before that you did not take these materials.

    That's correct.

    <David Wolfe>: Do you take them now?


    <David Wolfe>: Will you take them?

    Oh yeah.

    <David Wolfe>: You will...when?

    Well, you have to understand, that the experimenter can not become part of the experiment. I have to stay just like everybody else in the room, or I'm not going to be believeable. They're going to say, you're not like me. I have got to remain like you, I have got to understand everything you understand, and I have got to be able to communicate with you, and you get to see what happens. The very first people are not going to take it by themselves. For my protection, their protection, everybodies protection involved. We have to see to it that proper medical staff is with them as they go through the transition.

    I believe in a matter of days that you physically are going to change. All of the DNA begins to function and you physically are not going to be the person that you were. People who knew you are not going to recognise you, just like when christ came back, people didn't recognise who he was. And he had to prove he was him by showing his hands to everyone, the holes in the hands. But, it appears to me right now that the science says you're going to physically change when the flux flow starts. You're going to change, and you will literally stop aging. You will telepathically know the thoughts of others that are in the room with you. You are going to be like an angel. You will have an aura that is huge around you. You will literally be able to take a sick child in a hospital. hold him in your arms for 2 or 3 minutes, and place him down and then he will be cured. So, even though I can't call it a medicine, because I don't want the FDA and AMA and all these people to get involved in this, it is going to be capable of being used as a medical, or for healing properties. But initially I don't people to think that they can do this.

    Eventually people will literally be able to disappear and re-appear in space time where they consciously think of where they want to go. They can disappear and re-appear.

    All of our doctors have walked up to this point in dosages. They've been getting greater and greater amounts. And literally everybody hesitated and said Dave, we really need to fall back a few steps and think about this, because this is going to be a profound phenomena when it occurs, or if it occurs. ANd if it occurs, we'll be in more trouble than if it doesn't occur. And the way they've stopped us and the way they can stop us dead in our tracks is people just file suit against you, and they will bring 35 witnesses in that says it's silicon and aluminium, and you have to be able to counter with 35 experts and say "no, it's gold with silicon and aluminium impurities".

    Some people are ready, some people are not ready, some people will be ready very soon. Some people say well I'll stand back and let somebody else do it first, and then I'll decide if I want to do it. But it's literally a voluntary thing, but if it works the way that all the ancient texts say it works, and if it works the way that all the science says it's going to work, you know I think that it is the stuff. It does literally look like the stuff. And I think that gold is more valuable as the white powder than it is as yellow metal.

    I think when the flux flow occurs, everything changes. So even talk about a physical impairment or something, I don't think is even going to be a factor. As in 3-5 days, you're not the same person as you used to be. And this is what really sobers you up real quick, it is making people like angels, but there are good angels and there are bad angels. The devil is an angel. Now when you take this stuff, you see the angels and you converse with the angels, and you are going to find a lot of good angels and a lot of bad angels are influencing you. But you will know who they are without opening your mouth, you will know There'll be...

    <Inaudible interruption from audience>

    I don't think so, unless you haven't taken the material.

    <Inaudible question from audience>

    That's right. But see, it's not for me to make that decision. And so I am going to create some devils. I am going to create some devils. I am going to have to let people have it, and they are going to be some good people and bad people. And therefore there will be a confrontation between the good and the bad. But the bible says that there is going to be a horrendous confrontation in the end times, right? Isn't that what it says?

    And so, I'm just telling you, if you got a bunch of devils around you, you had better be a good angel. To know who they are, and they can't affect your thoughts. If they start projecting their thoughts into the ordinary people around you, they can sway their thinking whereas they can't sway the angels thinking.

    Those who have eyes to see will see and those who have ears to hear will hear. And this is not meant for everybody, I start talking about it to somebody and their eyes just glaze over and they say "I really got to get some place". And I say, fine go, get out of here, you know. But, a lot of people say, wow, tell me more, you know, and you see they're just drawn to it. There never is anything neutral, you either come to it, or you walk away.

    Let me just say that when people don't need to eat food, when people only need a minimum amount of water to survive, a small amount of gold every 6 months to survive. That, they can bio-locate anywhere they want to be or want to go, they don't need automobiles or cars or anything like this. Your world is going to dramatically change. Society as you know it is not going to be the same, the values that you have now are going to change. And so it's like the end of an era and the beginning of a new type of life. And that's what the prophecies project here, this is the end of an old era and the beginning of a new era.

    <Inaudible interruption from audience>

    See, we can't make....when the powder disappears, it always re-appears back in the pan. It has to have a consciousness that tells it where to go, and nobody is inside of it to tell it where to go. If you think where you want to be, I believe you go to re-appear at that place.

    <Inaudible question from audience>

    You know, the stories that you about the alchemists could multiply the material. But unfortunately, you know, there is no magic here. Even though some of this seems really magical. It really is science, and I don't think it multiplies, although, if you have a material that can produce gamma radiation then you can take lead and make it into gold. It literally can be made into gold using gamma radiation. There will be a tremendous amount of heat in the process, and so you have to protect it during the heating process so this heat doesn't damage something. Yeah, the interaction with something, you can force it to have gamma radiation released from it and therefore it will transmute the lead into gold but ah....<murmur from audience member> probably for a while. And I've made gold before, that in 24 hours was now platinum, not gold. You know it changes in a matter of..the isotope is very fast as it makes the transition.

    Right now I don't know anyone else that controls this and knows the knowledge that we have at this time and I have control over this project, how it will be run and how it will be distributed. <murmur from audience> Well then you're in trouble. <murmur from audience> All son does work for me. He was the president of the Baptist student union in the state of Arizona and he really gets upset over what I'm doing here because he is a born again christian. But he would respect my wishes and handle this as I want it he works with me everyday. He helped me do all these transfers of these transparencies onto this, what did yecker call it, POWER-POINT. I'm still living in transparency age, I thought that was pretty high-tech when I learned that during our last talking, now I'm finding out these other [CUT OFF] on some kind of memory chip.

    Well, why did they call it the semen of the father in heaven? Have you ever looked at semen? It's not dry, it's not a white powder. <murmur from audience> Oh, yeah, the cone is literally the heiroglyphic symbol for gold, in the white powder form, it's a cone-like dish. And if you read the heiroglyph...even the temple, they made the pyramids, they tried to make them look like that (motions tall triangle with hands, then lowers it) but it was falling down, it wouldn't stand, so they had to make them like this. But the first ones, they tried to make them go more like that (motions tall triangle). And they couldn't, the material they made it out of wouldn't stand the height with only a little bit of width.

    Well, we've worked with a little bit already. OK. But you have to get enough in you to totally see the body the quantum super-conductivity, all we have now is a resonance connections, and you literally become very healthy but you don't transform. I'm talking about gold and only gold will allow you to transform and that's a heavy duty decision to make to do it.

    As long as it is resonance connecting it is naturally going on right now in your body, it is not something that needs me to help you do that, it is working right now.

    <Dennis (Australia)>: I want to know if you've done any guesstimations on what the financial climate will be that quantum field in four?

    Once you have done this, and once people can see it worked, there'll be absolutely no problem at all in getting financial support, there's no strings attached. I guarantee it. Once it's been demonstrated, nobody will hesitate.

    <Dennis makes inaudible statement>

    But you've got to be prepared for a war, because I guarantee AMA, FDA, doctors associations everybody's gonna say we've got to stop this, it can't happen. And I'm telling you.

    <Dennis makes inaudible statement>

    Yeah, but I'm telling you it can't be stopped.

    <Dennis asks inaudible question>

    All right, all right. How much does it cost for an ounce of gold? How much is a gram and a half? Cause literally one gram is an ounce. One 28, $1500. Can you afford that? Well, I don't think that's a problem. That is not an expense as far as the gold. It is actually the physical labour to convert that to pure mono-tomic and the administration of that to people is actually more cost than the gold itself. So it's not gold gold that you need to worry about, it's the technology and the getting it to people and monitoring so that it's done without any damage, or any injury to the patient initially. You know, and then once we've seen how it works, and everything is rosy and working nice, then you can back up your controls on it. The initial occurrance has to be carefully monitored, I think. It's for all our protections.

    <Long question from unknown audience member>

    It most certainly seems like it. When you have your garment of glory on, and you are like an angel, you literally can look upon the face of your creator without dying, you can literally know him and any aspects of him, whether it's christ, you know, or buddha, or whoever you want and he's gonna be there. And all your ancestors and your family, and the people who died and have gone on, they're gonna be there, and you will know all things and understand all things without reading any books. So all the decisions you will make will have the perspective of knowing what it's going to do, and what it's going to mean in the future because you already know what the future holds. So, it's not going to be the same.

    Well, right now there's really an awful lot of important people who are involved in this. That's why I wanted to show you credentials right here, this is just some of the people, there's a whole lot more involved in this. And there's an awful lot of people in the world who know this is going on and have physically been involved in working with us, but I'm not giving you all their names out of respect for them. But, it is coming, and it's going to come as science, and it's something the people will demand once they see it work, and there's nobody that can stop it.

    Nobody can stop it once people know what it is, how it is made, and how to make it available. If I don't do it, then Barry's going to do it, and there'll be somebody who will eventually get there, if I'm gone, who'll complete it. So, I plant the tree, the ormes material is the golden tree of life, which I didn't know when I filed the patent, that it was the actual golden tree of life. And I'm the descendant of the Davidic bloodline that all of the "Holy blood Holy Grail" books talk about, I'm a De Guise descendant. A latter day David will plant the golden tree of life. You know, I don't know if that's me or not, you know, it just makes me feel errie that it actually is the case. But, you know, whatever. It's about the project, it's about getting out to the general public, it's about being there so that people who have ears to hear and people who have eyes to see will see and understand the pair which is coming.

    This is about the work, and this is about the project and it's not financial gain for myself, it's not recognition for myself. It's nice to have somebody give you the finance or the recognition, but it really isn't. I know what I have done, and I know what I sacrificed. I know that I walked by and I said not for me, I don't need those millions of dollars, just walk on by. It's the project. And I do understand that and so I have been just...if I need help then I raise my hand like I'm doing now, and if I don't, then I could call the other people and say send me, you know, $100,000 so I can develop standards. They'll do it, they won't ask questions. But, I just don't want to bring them into this. This is, I want it to be totally independant standards because this isn't just for us. It's for people in medicine, it's for people in "ORMUS", it's for people that need to prove something if they're litigating. You know, it just, it's reality, if it's the fact of the fact of the fact. Then by golly, lets get the facts. This is just...I'm looking at this as sounding the bell that school is about to begin, you know. Just letting the world know that this is coming, get ready.
    "Show me a stone which can cure cancer in 1 week,
    and I care not whether it transmute base metal to gold."


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    Quote Originally Posted by ghetto alchemist View Post
    I place here my transcription of his talk.
    That's a great thing to do and the right spirit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theFool View Post
    That's a great thing to do and the right spirit.
    Thanks. It's for people like yourself that I put it up for.
    I would've put it up years ago, but I decided to get a copy of the Ginzburg book first and unfortunately it's taken me this long to get one.

    There was a hard copy on Amazon which recently sold for over USD $1000, so demand is indeed high (as I always suspected), but I ended up with a digital copy.
    If you're also interested in the book, then send me a PM about it.
    "Show me a stone which can cure cancer in 1 week,
    and I care not whether it transmute base metal to gold."


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