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Thread: Galdi Family (Agaldi, Gualdo, Agoult)

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    Galdi Family (Agaldi, Gualdo, Agoult)


    I've done some digging into federico gualdi as a bit of fun.

    - Gualdo is his family name from Elio Galdo, this fits the old german waldo personal name. Its origin in german, this family that settled in swabia.
    - galdo gualdi have a German connection as italinazied walther
    - This family had influence over the church in 1200s. This explains why federico was able to stop the inquisition centuries later. His family name had weight.
    - Born around 1250 ? took fathers name ?
    - Titian painted federico more than once. Several young men he paints resemble the portrait attributed to gualdi

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    Thanks for sharing Kibric. What do you think about his figures?

    Federico Gualdi - Philosophia Hermetica
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