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Thread: A strange law

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    A strange law

    I have observed a strange law in my spiritual life, which seems to be consistent based on repeated experience. That law can be summarized into the following sentence:

    Spiritual deprivation is proportional to the longing to discover Alchemy.

    I do not actually know why this law holds. I know that, at least for me, it is consistent and valid. I have no idea what other alchemists have experienced, but judging by the fact that Sufis do not highly acclaim the science, instead teaching what they refer to as Spiritual Alchemy, leads me to believe that the law is true in general. What is more, a Sufi brother I happened to become acquainted with during the past year whilst away from home at first listened to what I had to say about Alchemy with a seemingly interested attention, before essentially pointing it out as being useless as a spiritual path. This makes sense, considering that even those who used it for spiritual aims placed it rather low on the list of the sciences intended for this purpose - which certainly makes sense, considering its highly rational nature (having to read several books and basically problem-solve your way out of the riddles, not to mention the highly ordered, logical nature of lab work), one Arab alchemist even calling Alchemy one of the "results" (his term, which I take to mean "fruits") of the philosophy of his day (which included maths, natural philosophy, etc) - the other being Astrology (which he keeps referring to as "Talisman making" for some reason).

    Anyway, I would be interested to hear the views of fellow alchemists on this supposed law and what it could mean, and whether it means that studying Alchemy is not really worth the time it takes away from actual spiritual endeavours (like meditation)? I mean if the true Sage can produce gold from thin air, what then is the need for Alchemy, other than natural science?

    Concerning the latter, it is really the only reason I have for still studying Alchemy. I have all but given up hope of using Alchemy as a kind of "spiritual path" after realizing the truth about it. And yet, at least in my "down" moments, I always seem to end up with this strange attraction/fascination with the art, which pulls me back to becoming addicted to alchemical texts. But then I realize for the hundredth time that this is precisely only because I am in a "down" (dry) moment in my spiritual path, and that as soon as the breezes of Divine love again blows my way, I will look upon the science as a paltry thing in comparison to the riches I will then be in possession of.

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    Spiritual deprivation is proportional to the longing to discover Alchemy.

    I like it, keep it coming.
    "Heaven is the first element.
    ― Hermes Trismegistus, Corpus Hermeticum: The Divine Pymander
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