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Thread: Distillation Setup

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    Distillation Setup

    I just started learning distillation and am trying to get a good setup going. I have all the flasks etc but there are some problems with some of my equipment:

    1. The water pump I am using isn't powerful enough to push water all the way up the rubber tubing, so it is stuck 2/3 of the way up. Here is the pump:

    Would I be right in thinking this is because of the 220V? Would this one work better?

    2. I am heating the boiling flask using a large pan filled with water which is heated by an electric hotplate. Unfortunately it seems like the hotplate isn't powerful enough to boil that much water. Here is the hotplate:

    Any advice for better hotplates? Would a gas stove work well? (The course I am doing only recommends electric hotplates for distillation.)

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    It's best to get a digital hotplate with magnetic stirrer, this way you can control the temperature with the thermocouple and you'll have a stirring mechanism for when the need arises. You can set the exact temperature you need, this is important because it will rule out fluctuations in tempereature that may affect the experiment.

    Go to the local aquarium/pet shop and get a stronger submersible pump, if it works, good, if it doesn't, get a bigger one. Any pump will work even the one you currently have if you set it level with the condenser. Keep raising it to see at which height it works and fully circulates the water, then stack books or boxes and put the cold water container with the pump on top at the appropriate level/height. The neat way to do it is using a lab lift:
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