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Thread: Spiritual Paths which use Alchemy

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    Spiritual Paths which use Alchemy

    This thread is for posting about spiritual paths which use lab alchemy at some point, eg Rosicrucianism, Golden Dawn, etc. The paths of individual alchemists throughout history also count (Khunrath seems to have formed his own path rather than working within a given tradition for example; see the writings of Peter Foreshaw). Please post as much detail as possible about the path and the different stages/sciences involved.

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    Hello Tannur

    For example

    Alchemy was used in the Real Rose Cross brotherhood, there is a book namely: Magia Divina, which explains all the true magic totally explained by them, and free of all esoteric bs... e.g. how to make the true magical electrum, how to use it in making different instruments, they also used microcosmical macrocosmical and several other exotic matters to aid in meditation and mirror practices
    (which in Indian yoga are called trataka) etc...

    Gustav Meyrink wrote a letter to Alexander von Bernus where he speaks about his starting matter for alchemical work... and that comes from the original order of the Golden Dawn (which name translates as Morning Urine, apparently.... like Regardie's second order: Stella Mattutina - morning star). A. E. Waite published many alchemical list works, and even if they were not the greatest adepts, they worked something...

    Argentum Vivum

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