Thank you for letting me join on the forum. I have been trying to add photos to this to no avail, so words will have to do.

The method I use is for initiatory work with the planets. I take a pound of dried herb and grind it as finely as possible by hand.
I allow potassium carbonate to deliquesce at night and at the appropriate day and hour. (I have read that it is recommended to further distill this but have not noticed a difference please let me know if you have.)
I pour this over the herb, seal, and shake it letting it mature for two weeks. In the case of melissa specifically it becomes a vibrant red color.
I filter it through cloth (usually pantyhose) a few times to remove any particles.
I pour alcohol obtained from distilling wine three times over the liquid.
This usually turns an equally vibrant green. I extract this and as fresh alcohol.
When I have an adequate amount I distill this until I have removed as much alcohol as possible and it becomes a thick syrup.

I know this is a rather simple method, I would love your advice or methods you have found that work for you.

Warm Wish,