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Thread: "Opposite George" - Should We Become Biblical Contrarians?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    ...should maybe be interpreted as the opposite of what they say?
    I agree with that. For instance: Thou shall eat the fruit!

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    The Abrahamic religious texts are filled with apparent contradictions on Gods character.
    El, Yahweh , Ashtoreth, Canaanites deities that absorbed each others qualities eventually becoming God and Mary.
    To the early Greeks El becomes Saturn/Kronos, Yahweh becomes Zeus who becomes King of the gods by marriage to the Queen of Heaven Ashtoreth, who is Hera to the Greeks.
    The texts contradict because they are attributed to One God not a collection of earlier deities. Seeing this you can start to tell one deity from the other.

    You shall not boil a young goat in its motherís milk". And yet, isn't this is what the good Alchemical texts are at least implying?
    Not make a meat stew give an offering of firstfruit instead. Why displeased with Cains offering then ? different deity.
    The alchemist saw the meat stew and was more interested in the goats milk. Which was earlier associated with Zeus.

    The subject must be digested in it's own Radical Humidity, in the same "Water" that gave it birth, which is by no means foreign to it.
    Spot on. Then it's radical humidity has to naturally dry up. Black stone. Right in the middle of all Abrahamic religions. Misunderstood.

    What a wide-spread and destructive error to confuse that abrahamic, psychopatic, jealous, chauvinistic, racist, homophobic & easily triggered (snowflake) self-proclaimed "god" - with "The "Mystery" (a much more accurate term, often used by Awani).
    A collection of good and bad deities with different qualities. People seem to love to blame the Abrahamic God as one being just as intended really.
    Having a one God say and do contrary things that a collection of earlier deities did, means you can have your religion appeal to all people with differing views.
    Its how the trick of monotheistic worship works. You just co opt the previous pagan worship and place all the contrary qualities under one God.

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    Any of you occultist/new ageers ever hear of PaRDeS? The P, R, D, S, are the initials of the 4 different way of reading bible. (Pardes meaning garden fruit)
    1, literal sense
    2, allegorical way
    3, midrashic/rabbinic sense
    4, esoteric sense

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