Hey, I'm Asura

I am so glad to be apart of this forum i am loving my studies of alchemy and hermetics and am glad to be apart of more communities of like minded artists.

Currently i am reading the Bartlett books, rubaphilos's essays and the alchemy study course books.

My reading and focus skills are not the best so i am trying to pace myself my goal would be to get through 50 pages of whatever im reading in the time alloted each day.

Currently im around 20 pages a day so thats not super horrible to my expectations.

Ive been trying to practice watching my breath because i have really high anxiety and my thoughts send me to a whole nother realm.

I have so much i could talk about but We must work and pray so i will do that.

Thank you all and please feel free to inbox me about any discussions if possible, or send good resources you are enjoying on the path to the great work.