My name is Nwakuche Chukwudi. I am an Engineer and I know that Alchemy subject is the basis for Future technology based on true understanding of nature.

My Research and discovery on the subject of Alchemy started earlier this year though before this time, I been researching on other related subjects like free energy which is actually intimately connected to Alchemy though I didnt know at the time. It was only after I completed my research that secrets of free energy and other exotic technology became revealed to me.

My aim of joining this forum is to introduce the subject of Alchemy just like any other science subject. What I mean is I have discovered the scientific basis of Alchemy including what the spiritus mundi is, the energy of the philosophers stone is simply Electro-gravitic wave.

Alchemy In my opinion is the branch of science that deals with the study of nature, how to imitate and hasten nature. So by the time I am through you should have a basic scientific understanding of natural processes of natural and how to make the philosophers stone.

Though I have not yet made the philosophers stone, there is a 99 percent probability that the process I will outline will work. This is because by understanding the scientific concept an explanation of alchemist process is understood. E.g why is water used as a transfer material for etheric (electrogravitic wave) energy instead just jumping directly to salt or metal.

So I hope my being here will be of use to us all. While I will post the concepts here from you can make the philosophers stone, I will not post technical information and support here because I am yet to validate it by building it due to lack of funds. My email address is Thank you. Expect subsequent post from me.